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New MJ Book Coming Soon

Celebrity chef Kai Chase is gearing up to release a new cookbook entitled Fit for a King. The book will reportedly offer a different version of Michael Jackson's final weeks before his death.

Chase, the culinary master who has cooked for such big names as Mary J. Blige and President Barak Obama, also served as Jackson’s personal chef, and as soon as his name is mentioned, the conversation changes. Chase makes it clear Jackson had a profound impact on her life.

"When you read the book, you’ll see how things were different," she says, refering to the usual negative portrayal of Jackson's life. "I was feeding him and his children. He was going to rehearsals and the recording studio. He was energized, looking good, feeling good. I want to talk about the fun times - the practical jokes played on me in the house; me and the kids planting gardens. I was seeing him every day and working with him every day. He talked to me about a lot of things, [both] as a boss and as a friend - how to move on with your career, write books, this and that. I was let go at a certain point," Chase recalls. However, she was back at the mansion the day Jackson passed away.

Since his death, her list of celebrity clients has grown quite a bit and she says, "a lot of things are really coming to the forefront right now. The blessings keep pouring down. Sometimes I think he [Jackson] has something to do with that, and I imagine him and God high-fiving."

In addition to stories of her time spent with Jackson and his children, the book will also include the King of Pop's favorite dishes, mostly salads and fish, and other healthy offerings. She says Jackson actually suggested that she publish a cookbook once his 50-date 'This Is It' tour had ended.

"He was an inspiration to me," she said.

Chase says she listens to Jackson’s song "Keep the Faith" because "it keeps me inspired and motivated for greatness."

Chase is participating in the March 18 Drawing Hope International Gala Masquerade event in Beverly Hills, for which she is providing some of her trademark cultural fusion cuisine. She is also offering an at-home cooking lesson that will be auctioned off at the Drawing Hope fundraiser, which benefits survivors of rape and sexual abuse in 150 countries.


Michael Jackson - American Music Award - Backstage. (with Elisabeth Taylor)

UVU graduate considers Michael Jackson’s musical legacy

Music » Joseph Vogel, author of book about Michael Moore’s trip to UVU, returns with book about the music of The King of Pop.
First Published Mar 08 2012 07:01 pm • Last Updated Mar 09 2012 08:00 pm
As we approach the third anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, we know all about the marriage to Lisa Marie Presley, the architectural concept of Neverland, the molestation trials and, of course, Bubbles.
Joseph Vogel, a graduate of Utah Valley University and now a doctoral candidate in the University of Rochester’s English department, knows all about that, too.

But his aim was to write about another aspect of Jackson’s life: the music.
"There is a saying that you should write the book you want to read but doesn’t exist," said Vogel.
Vogel is the author of Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson, published in November by New York imprint Sterling.
The book is a comprehensive analysis of Jackson’s music, believed to be the first of its kind in its sympathetic dissection of the singer’s solo catalog and behind-the-scenes details. That’s the music-making details, not the behind-the-scenes details that spread through the tabloid press. Instead, Vogel writes about how Jackson created songs hits such as "Beat It," "Man in the Mirror," "Billie Jean," "Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough" and "You Are Not Alone." The author also considers Jackson’s songs recorded (and not recorded) between 1979’s album "Off the Wall" through 2010’s posthumous "Michael."
"Any review of Michael Jackson’s music was [from] more of a sensational lens," said Vogel, who searched libraries for a book about Jackson’s music, not his peccadilloes. He couldn’t find any that satisfied him, so, in 2005, he began writing his own.
As the rest of the world turned its attention to Jackson’s 2005 trial on child sexual-abuse allegations, Vogel instead contacted people who collaborated with Jackson to talk about how the singer’s creativity was channeled into the songs that made him The King of Pop.
Vogel was undaunted by rumors that Jackson was so insulated that he and his inner circle couldn’t be reached. Instead, the writer found that when he simply explained what his book was about, musicians and even Michael Jackson’s estate granted him interviews and rare access. Vogel had even planned to meet the singer during his 2009 "This Is It" residency in London before his unexpected death.
"I was a contributor to Joe Vogel’s book because of his approach," said recording engineer Matt Forger, who worked with Jackson on albums "Thriller," Bad," "Dangerous," "HIStory," and "Blood On The Dancefloor," as well as recording and mixing the "Captain EO" 3-D film for Disney, overseeing its installation at Disney theme parks worldwide.

"He has done extensive research to be sure of the accuracy of the stories he relayed," Forger said. "I personally believe that the truth is an amazing thing, no matter what the story or who is the focal point. The media can sensationalize anything it wishes. It is more work to discover what really happened from a historical standpoint. I realize that hard work and practice aren’t as exciting, but for those who are interested in knowing what it takes to succeed in today’s world, these are important lessons to be learned."
Vogel is detail-oriented in his approach, but aimed to maintain an approachable writing style that wouldn’t bog down readers with musical theory about timbres or tone scales.
Here’s an example of his description of "Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’," the song that opened "Thriller," one of the top-selling albums of all time: "The song’s arrangement is anything but random sound. It is an expertly layered rhythmic symphony that essentially bridges African and Western musical styles. Matching the diverse array of sounds are the idiosyncratic lyrics, which Jackson twists and contorts like a vocal acrobat. In suggestive fragments, he sings of the madness and hysteria of modern life: of ignored illness, mental breakdowns, unplanned pregnancies causing unfed babies, tongues like razors, and being eaten off of like a buffet. … The lyrics suggest Jackson’s growing feelings of unease and anxiety with the world, his sense of isolation and claustrophobia — and his difficulty in finding a way out."
When the book was published last November, it caught the attention of the national media, as well as film director Spike Lee, who was teaching a graduate film class at New York University. Lee invited Vogel to the campus to speak to his students.
In a statement released by Utah Valley University, Lee said, "Mr. Joe Vogel has brilliantly cracked the DNA, the code of the work, the artistry of Michael Joseph Jackson. I want to stress the word ‘artistry’ because people have forgotten or never understood that’s what MJ is, that’s what he worked at day and night. This is the book I have been long awaiting — a pointed, intelligent dissection of an epic body of work. Mr. Joe Vogel breaks it down album by album, song by song."
Vogel, a 30-year-old native of northern California, said that what attracted him to the subject of Jackson’s music was the artist’s appeal across genres. "I’m interested in people who challenge boundaries," Vogel said. "I’m interested in how people react to someone they fear, who are different."
That magnetism to controversial people was molded in Utah. In 2004, as UVU’s student vice president of academics, Vogel invited "Fahrenheit 9/11" filmmaker Michael Moore to speak on campus, sparking outrage among some students and Utah County residents. After Moore’s speech, Vogel resigned when fellow student-body officers took exception to his proposal to write a book about the experience.
The ensuing book, Freedom 101, became a 2007 Independent Publisher Book Award Finalist; another book, The Obama Movement — Why Barack Obama Speaks to American Youth, was published in 2009.
Vogel didn’t think his book about Jackson would be a controversial proposal. But publishers told him, before and after Jackson’s death, that readers would only buy a book that was a tabloid-style tell-all, said Valerie Alhart, press officer at the University of Rochester.
Vogel eventually found a publisher, and then secured a thoughtful foreword from Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis.
So, if you’re seeking more information about Jackson’s vitiligo, Vogel would tell you to look elsewhere. But if you want to know more about Jackson coming up with the bassline to "Billie Jean" while driving on Los Angeles’ Ventura Freeway despite smoke coming out of his overheated car engine, well, this it it.

Ai se eu te pego Michael Jackson version.

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Stephanie Mills - His Name is Michael

TARABORELLI INTERVIEW are onoarea de a va prezenta un interviu in exclusivitate cu cel supranumit “biograful lui Michael Jackson“.
Cu prilejul aniversarii a cinci ani deMJPassion.roJ. Randy Taraborrelli, autorul best seller-ului “Michael Jackson - The Magic and the Madness” a avut amabilitatea de a oferii in exclusivitate un interviu pentru, interviu pe care astazi, la ceas aniversar as dori sa-l impartasesc cu cititorii fideli ai site-ului:
MJP: Ai scris biografiile unora dintre cele mai faimoase personae din lume: Diana Ross, Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, etc, care dintre aceste biografii a fost cel mai greu de scris si care este preferata ta?
JRT: Fiecare carte este o provocare, asa ca, nu pot spune ca una a fost mai greu de scris decat alta. Cartea mea preferata este cea-a de-a treia, cea in care am scris despre Diana Ross si care se numeste “Diana Ross - A Biography”. Este personajul pentru care am cea mai mare admiratie sic red ca acea carte imi reprezinta cel mai bine munca mea.
MJP: “Michael Jackson - The Magic and the Madness” este fara indoiala cea mai completa si interesanta biografie scrisa vreodata despre Michael Jackson. Multi au spus, dupa ce au citit-o, ca este scrisa de Michael Jackson insusi; ca Michael ti-a dictat intreaga poveste, asta deoarece tu spui lucruri pe care el nu le-ar fi putut spune niciodata in public, ce crezi despre acest lucru?
JRT: Iti poti spune ca Michael a fost foarte folositor la scrierea cartii originale din 1991 si da sunt anumite lucruri pe care si-a dorit sa le ating si de aceea am evidentiat aceste lucruri pentru el. Si desigur, l-am intervievat de mai multe ori in decursul anilor, astfel incat sa puteti vedea si punctul  sau de vedere in carte.
MJP: A citit vreodata Michael cartea ta? Ai discutat vreodata cu el despre carte?
JRT: Michael mi-a spus ca nu a citit efectiv cartea insa si-a pus secretarul sa citeasca cartea si sa inregistreze pe caseta lectura – asta inainte de aparitia audio book-urilor! – apoi a luat casetele si le-a ascultat in timpul calatoriilor sale. In acest fel a citit el cartea. Mi-a spus ca este foarte multumit de intreaga carte, exceptie facand referirile mele la operatiile sale estetice, lucru despre care a spus ca nu era necesar sa scriu. Desigur, am inteles in totalitate acest lucru.
MJP: De ce crezi ca oamneii sunt atat de fascinati de subiectul Michael Jackson?
JRT: Desigur, muzica, arta si show-urile sale sunt responsabile in mare masura de aceasta fascinatie, dar de asemenea, cred eu, oamenii erau interesati de persoana ce se afla in spatele tuturor acelor efecte de fum si oglinzi, iar el era un om bun. De aceea el era o persoana caruia ii pasa de ceilalti.
MJP: Ai vre-o amintire legata de Michael, amintire pe care nu ai avut sansa sa o spui?
JRT: Am foarte multe… poate intr-o zi voi scrie o carte despre viata si experientele mele si atunci voi impartasi toate acele amintiri.
MJP: In cartea ta acorzi un spatiu generos relatiei dintre Michael si Lisa Marie, spui lucruri interesante si vorbesti despre o relatie foarte romantica. Crezi ca Lisa a fost cu adevarat iubirea vietii sale?
JRT: Cred. Ceea ce iti pot spune este ca asta mi-a spus MJ, si il cred.
MJP: Cum crezi ca ar fi aratat viata si cariera lui Michael Jackson daca nu ar fi murit pe 25 iunie 2009?
JRT: Multe momente marete. Multe momente teribile. Cativa ani de lucruri interesante… este foarte trist.
MJP: Cand ai vorbit ultima data cu Michael?
JRT: Cred ca a fost cu un an inainte de a muri, la telefon, a fost foarte scurt. Insa parea bine, sanatos si fericit.
MJP: Stiu ca esti un mare fan Dianna Ross si ca l-ai cunoscut pe Michael datorita ei, cum a fost?
JRT: Eram amandoi foarte mici. Eram impreuna cu Fan Clubul Diana Ross and the Supremes in Philadelphia PA iar cei de la Jackson 5 sustineau prima lor aparitie ca artisti Motown la Philadelphia Convention Center. Dianna Ross ma sunat si ma invitat impreuna cu familia la spectacol. Am fost,  iar spectacolul a fost extraordinar! Dupa aceea, am mers in backstage si i-am cunoscut pe baieti. Eram cu totii foarte, foarte tineri.
MJP: In testamentul sau Michael a numit-o pe Dianna Ross ca si al doilea posibil tutore pentru copii sai. Din punctul meu de vedere, Michael si-a lasat cea mai de pret posesiune din viata sa Dianei – proprii copii; o dovada extraordinara de dragoste si respect pentru ea. Cum a primit acest lucru Diana? A fost foarte discreta in aceasta privinta.
JRT: Intotdeauna la iubit [Diana] si niciodata nu a vorbit in public despre el fara permisiuena lui, el stia ca poate avea incredere in ea. Chiar si astazi nu o vezi mergand pe la televiziuni si vorbind despre Michael.
 [Michael] a avut un respect deosebit pentru felul in care ea si-a crescut cei cinci copii; niciunul dintre ei nu a avut vreodata probleme. Asa ca acesta este unul dintre motivele pentru care a ales-o ca si a doua persoana care ar putea fi tutorele copiilor sai.
MJP: Vorbind de copii lui Michal; s-au scris mii de articole si sute de zvonuri au circulat despre acestia, dar fara indoiala Prince, Paris si Blanket sunt copii lui, creatia lui, urmasii lui. Ei sunt cei care au misiunea de a duce mesajul si munca sa caritabila mai departe. Cum ii vezi peste 10 ani?
JRT: Ii vad pe toti in show business. Pun pariu ca Paris va fi actrita iar cei doi Prince vor fi in spatele scenei intr-un anumit fel, producatori sau regizori. Cred ca vor avea o viata buna si frumoasa, si intotdeauna le va lipsi tatal lor.
MJP: Cariera si viata lui Michael a fost cu urcusuri si coborasuri, insa in anul 2000 totul s-a schimbat. Din 2000 viata sa a luat o traiectorie descendenta, ce crezi ca s-a intamplat de fapt acolo?
JRT: Ei bine, putin dupa anul 2000 lucrurile au inceput sa sa se strice, iar vina ii apartine lui Martin Basir. MJ a avut incredere in el, si am vazut cu totii cum a decurs totul. Dupa acel documentar lucrurile rele au inceput sa vina unul dupa altul… Dar cred ca lucrurile ar fi avut o intorsatura buna o data cu This Is It, chiar cred asta. Daca Michael ar fi avut aceasta sansa, si-ar fi revendicat locul sau de drept in mintea si inima celor care au avut indoieli in privinta sa. Fanii, desigur, i-au ramas aproape la bine si la greu iar el le era recunoscator pentru asta.
MJP: Visul lui Michael a fost acela de a schimba lumea, de a face din aceasta un loc mai bun pentru generatiile viitoare, pentru copii nostrii, pentru noi… Ce crezi, a reusit asta?
JRT: In felul lui da, desigur. Visul lui Michael a fost acela ca fiecare persoana sa contribuie la asta. Cu totii putem face multe lucruri, cu totii putem contribui intr-un fel – incepand cu cateva schimbari in propriul nostru comportament si in modul in care ii tratam pe ceilalti. Mare partea din filozofia sa este in muzica sa, desigur. Tot ceea ce avem de facut este sa o ascultam.
MJP: Stiu ca acum pregatesti lansarea unei noi carti biografice despre familia Kennedy: “After Camelot - A PERSONAL HISTORY OF THE KENNEDY FAMILY” cat de grea este munca la o astfel de biografie? Cum este sa scri despre acesti oamnei extraordinari? Oamnei care au schimbat lumea, au schimbat istoria?
JRT: Aceasta este cea mai dificil de scris carte a mea deoarece sunt foarte multe personaje – multi, multi oamnei care au avut un rol in istorie in felul lor. Este o foarte mare responsabilitate. Sper sa reusesc sa o vad dusa la bun sfarsit. O sa vedem ce vor crede oamneii atunci cand cartea va fi lansata, in aprilie 2012. doreste sa-i multumeasca lui J. Randy Taraborrelli pentru amabilitatea sa de a sta de vorba cu si de a-si  impartasii  amintirile sale despre Michael Jackson fanilor Regelui Pop din Romania.
De asemenea puteti citi interviul exclusiv oferit de catre J. Randy Taraborrellipentru si in cel mai nou numar al revistei ICONIC Magazine.

Vad ca fanii   nu au fost multumiti de publicarea interviului in intrebau, pe facebook, daca urmeaza cumva Diane Dimond

nu stiu ce sa mai zic de Taraborelli asta...sincer

DWT @Bs. As., Argentina (12.10.1993) | PRO | 07 | Jackson 5 Medley

Michael Jackson's Deep Voice

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Michael Jackson - Another Part Of Me Live HD (kansas City weekend MJ MTV)

Siedah Garrett II MEMORIES OF MJ

MEMORIES OF MJ: During one show on our Dangerous World Tour, I decided to surprise Michael by appearing on-stage wearing a blond wig to sing our duet, "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". Check out Michael's reaction!

The Newest Additions to Highly Successful 'ICON' Series

Michael Jackson - ICON (1 CD) Michael Jackson was one of the most beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all-time, leaving an indelible imprint on popular music and culture. Already an icon as lead singer of the Jackson 5, he started his illustrious solo artist career at the early age of 13 with hit Motown albums such as 'Got To Be There,''Ben' and 'Forever Michael.' Michael Jackson - ICON features his biggest Motown songs including his No. 1 smash hit "Ben," his rendition of "Rockin' Robin," which reached No. 2 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and R&B Singles charts, and his top 5 hits "Got To Be There," "I Wanna Be Where You Are" and "Just A Little Bit Of You."

During his extraordinary career, Michael Jackson sold an estimated 750 million records worldwide, won 13 GrammyCopyright Awards, received the American Music Award's Artist of the Century Award and is one of a handful of artists to be inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Jackson's sound, style and dance moves inspired subsequent generations of pop, soul, R&B and hip-hop artists.

Track Listings: 1) Got To Be There 2) I Wanna Be Where You Are 3) Rockin' Robin 4) People Make The World Go 'Round 5) With A Child's Heart 6) Happy (Love Theme From "Lady Sings The Blues") 7) Ben 8) We're Almost There 9) Just A Little Bit Of You 10) One Day In Your Life 11) Music And Me

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Whitney Houston l-a vrut pe Michael Jackson, dar s-a iubit cu fratele Jermaine

Desi s-a iubit  in secret cu Jermaine, fratele lui Michael Jackson, cantareata Whitney Houston a visat intotdeauna sa se marite cu megastarul.
whitney michael 248x300 Whitney Houston l a vrut pe Michael Jackson, dar s a iubit cu fratele Jermaine
Whitney visa sa devina nevasta lui Michael Jackson
Informatii inedite despre viata regretatei Whitney Houston incep sa iasa la lumina. Potrivit ultimelor barfe, la inceputul anilor ’80, artista s-a iubit in taina cu Jermaine, unul dintre fratii lui Michael Jackson.
jermaine jackson whitney houston 300x300 Whitney Houston l a vrut pe Michael Jackson, dar s a iubit cu fratele Jermaine
Artista s-a consolat vreme de un an cu Jermaine
Amorul s-a curmat brusc, dupa aproape un an, cand barbatul i-a spus clar si raspicat lui Whitney ca nu are de gand sa renunte la nevasta pentru ea. Houston nu a suferit prea tare ca l-a pierdut pe Jermaine, ea fiind in realitate indragostita de Michael Jackson, cu care si visa sa se marite. Relatia dintre cei doi nu a depasit insa nivelul unei frumoase camaraderii intrucat megastarul era prea timid

Cititi mai mult:

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That's bad! £160million worth of Michael Jackson's back catalogue has been stolen

The king of pop: Jackson, pictured in 1999, had his song rights sold to Sony
The king of pop: Jackson, pictured in 1999, had his song rights sold to Sony
In April the details of 77million gamers were stolen after Sony's Playstation Network was hacked. The breach cost Sony £106million and hugely damaged their reputation. 
The attack on the Jackson files occurred shortly afterwards but has not been revealed until now. 
The hack was discovered during routine monitoring of social networking sites, Jackson fan sites and hacking forums. 
On the roster: Olly Murs also had work compromised
On the roster: Olly Murs also had work compromised
A source close to the company said: 'Everything Sony purchased from the Michael Jackson estate was compromised. 
'It caused them to check their systems and they found the breach. There was a degree of sophistication.
'Sony identified the weakness and plugged the gap.' 
The hack has compromised the work of other artists managed by the firm, including songs by Jimi Hendrix, Paul Simon, Olly Murs, the Foo Fighters and Avril Lavigne. 
The source added that the second breach happening so soon after the first 'would have made investors and artists think, 'What other part of Sony isn't secure?''
Last night Sony admitted there had been a security breach and that the Michael Jackson material had been stolen but refused to say how much the hackers downloaded. 
A source within the company said that although the Jackson estate had been told about the hack the company did not have to make the knowledge public as there was no customer data involved. 
They added that computer experts had traced the hack to the UK by examining a 'fingerprint' allegedly left behind. 
The Serious Organised Crime division took up the case and two men appeared in court last week charged with offences under the computer Misuse Act. 
They denied all charges and were remanded on bail.

Read more:

Michael Jackson's entire back catalogue, including an unreleased collaboration with Will.I.AM, has been stolen by hackers.
The Sony Music archive has been infiltrated by cyber-crooks, who have illegally downloaded more than 50,000 digital files.
Record company bosses paid $250 million (£156 million) to Jackson's estate in 2010 for the catalogue, including unheard material from studio sessions when the superstar recorded Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad.
A source tells Britain's Sunday Times, "Everything Sony purchased from the Michael Jackson estate was compromised.
"It caused them to check their systems and they found the breach. There was a degree of sophistication. Sony identified the weakness and plugged the gap."
The haul is also said to include a duet with the late Freddie Mercury and Black Eyed Peas rapper
The attack was discovered weeks after hackers targeted Sony's PlayStation Network in April (11), but was only confirmed by a Sony Music representative on Saturday (03Mar12).

Michael Jackson - Blood On The Dance Floor [Alternate Unreleased Version...

Defending A King

Michael Jackson Come Together / D.S. Live Bucharest 1996 HD

Whitney Houston dated Michael Jackson

Favourite MJ-songs of Michael Jackson's parents

Another Part Of Me -HD-VISION

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WINDOWS TO THE SOUL (Michael Jackson Fan Art)

Paris Jackson Denies Faked ‘Michael’ Album Reports
Paris Jackson Denies Faked 'Michael' Album Reports
On Wednesday, TMZ claimed there is a video chat of Paris Jackson telling her friends that her father’s posthumous album, Michael, is not actually him singing.
Just before Michael Jackson’s album was released in 2010, Paris was said to be telling her close pals that her father’s parts on the album were actually performed by Jason Malachi. She reportedly played the song, Hold My Hand, and denied the entire album was done by her father.
She reportedly said, “It’s NOT him…the whole album isn’t even him! Go online…go on YouTubeand look up Jason Malachi. That’s him!! I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time.”
Now, Paris took to her official Twitter account to deny the reports. She tweeted, “People should know by now not to believe the media when it comes down to TMZ talking about my family. #HoldMyHad IS my dad actually singing.”
There you have it! Did you listen to the album and feel that it was faked by an imposter? Or did you think that the entire album is legitimately Michael Jackson? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Michael Jackson ~ The Jacksons - Heaven Knows I Love You Girl VOSTFR

Michael Jackson Bad Company - Rare Bad Tour Footages HD by DJ_OXyGeNe_8

Michael Jackson - I Want To Back,The Love You Save, Live Buenos Aires 1993

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal - Live BWT Roma 1988 - ReMastered - HD

Michael Jackson - Live BWT Roma 1988 - Full 60min Audio Pro - HD

michael jackson lonely teardrops

Michael Jackson - Music & Me

Michael Jackson I Hear A Symphony

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Michael Jackson, a true angel

Have you ever met an angel? I have. He has a mesmerizing presence, a dazzling aura and a heart of gold.
My name is Talitha and I grew up in Ireland. I went to Michael Jackson as a fan but, as he did with so many others, he treated me as a friend. I have created this web site to share some of what I observed and experienced over the years, as a tribute to the angel that he is and for all of those who love him - for those who spent time with him and have their own special memories and those who didn’t so you know that if you’d gone to him, he would have welcomed you into his world and loved you too. Because that’s all he knows how to do… is love. 
I began traveling to see Michael in 1996,
spent a day with him at Neverland in 2003, was around him on a daily basis for months at a time, and visited him and his children inside their LA home in 2009. 

Stepping into Michael’s world was like stepping though a secret doorway to Narnia or sliding down a rabbit hole to Wonderland. Whenever I was with him, I felt like I was inside a fairytale, being swept up in a cloud of magic and joy and love. I will never forget the silvery quality of his voice and the light of his presence, floating me to heaven again and again.

Everything Michael did, he did for all of us, for children, for animals, and for the future of the planet. He is a true angel. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or is wrong. 

Here's when and where I saw Michael, and coinciding public events, if any:


July; Dublin, Ireland; Dangerous concert


September; Prague, Czech Republic; Opening concert of the HIStory tour
Michael Jackson and Talitha1997

July – September; Nine European countries; 16 HIStory concerts 


July; Munich, Germany; Michael Jackson & Friends concert


May; Monte Carlo, Monaco; The World Music Awards

May; London, England; Elizabeth Taylor Tribute Concert


February; New York City; Heal the Kids seminar

March; London, England; Oxford University speech

September; New York City; 30th Anniversary Special concerts

October; Washington DC; United We Stand concert

November; New York City; Virgin Megastore signing

February; Los Angeles; Art for Aids – A Tribute to Rock Hudson

March; New York City; Liza Minnelli’s wedding

April; Los Angeles; American Bandstand's 50th Celebration

April; New York City; A Night at the Apollo

Michael Jackson Paris TalithaJune; London, England; Sony protest, Killer Thriller party 

August; New York City; MTV Video Music Awards
November; Berlin, Germany; Bambi Awards


February; Neverland Valley

May; Indianapolis, Indiana; Scheduled court hearing 

August - September; Los Angeles, Neverland Valley; 45th Birthday Party

October – November; Las Vegas; Radio Music Awards

December; Neverland Valley; You Are Not Alone


April; Santa Maria, Neverland Valley; Court hearing

April; Washington DC; Ethiopian Embassy

September; Santa Maria, Neverland Valley; Court hearing


April – June; Santa Maria, Neverland Valley; Trial


November; London, England; World Music Awards


February; Las Vegas
Michael Jackson This Is It
March; Tokyo, Japan; VIP & Fan parties
March – June; Las Vegas, Los Angeles

November; Los Angeles; Jesse Jackson 66th Birthday

December; Las Vegas


June – October; Las Vegas

October – November; Los Angeles


February – April; Los Angeles

April; Las Vegas; 3-day visit

April – June; Los Angeles

The Jackson 5 - Let It BeNever Can Say Goodbye live on Tonight Show 1974

michael and withney

pare cam photoshop..dar nu e , avand in vedere ce  a zis si David Gest

ce scumpi si ce tineri...

Michael Jackson on being in NYC(77-78)

“During this period in my life, I was searching, both consciously and unconsciously.

I was feeling some stress and anxiety about what I wanted to do with my life and that I was an adult. I was analyzing my options and preparing to make decision that could have a lot of repercussions.” ~Michael Jackson on being in NYC(77-78)

Michael Jackson : Pastor Gregory Dickow Prophesies Hope Before Death

Michael Jackson Interview - 22 May 2006

Tom Mesereau Defends Michael Jackson on the O'Reilly Factor

Bruno Mars - Performs Dirty Diana - 99% Entertainment

Bruno Mars The way you make me feel (Michael Jackson)

sick MJ..

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About Michael and Quincy Jones

Baby face drawn by Michael


mj notes on the back of the things

iar de pe fb am luat asta, de la cineva care spunea asa:

e un tip, care stie f multe despre MJ
So, you know how you're at your desk job, and you have to write down all the contact numbers of the people you have to call for your boss? This was my J section. (Sorry for the blur...but K.T. Horningmade a point these things - even though the info has surely changed from 1983).


am gasit si cu transcrierea

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