Thursday, January 23, 2014

Birds, love and...your name.

Buna, Miky. Sper ca esti bine. Asta e pentru tine si, bineinteles, pentru Michael.

What if the birds hold their flying
When their wings whisper your name?
What if they stop for an eternal moment
To listen to it: your name, music to the ears?
What if the hand can´t reach the skies
To feed the birds, to help them fly?
What if the tears hopefully stop falling
When your smile gently touches the eyes?
What if the free rain opens the door to the heart
So the magic can step in and do ´´her´´ part?
What if your name splits the world in two halfs
Who openly fight if love is going to last?
What if your charm will bring back the full moon
To shine and wrap us in the same light?
What if the love and goodness within yourself
Will tell us another story about the two halfs?
And what if the same birds will follow their dreams
In a world so dearly touched by what love really means?
     The birds will start to flow
     In your white painted world.
     No more empty dreams
     When your heart tells the story,
     No more early pains
     When your smile draws the happiness,
     And no more childish endings
     When love comes softly to embrace us all.
The dreams will fly, the hope will fly
Cause everyone is calling, again and again,
     Your name.
                                                 by Alina.
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