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rock-erii despre Michael

ok i'm a hardcore metalhead or headbanger or heavy metal fan or watever u wanna call me.... but that was pure fucking awesomeness!! That is why MJ is a true God of music!! cuz even as the all time king of pop he made Dirty Diana, a song that sent chills down my spine n had my head flashing as if it were Iron Maiden or Judas Priest!!! Btw.. anyone can tell me the names of those 2 guitarists? both the chic n the guy looks familiar. God they can play!!! RIP MJ n tell Dio hi 4 me wen u see him!!!

Same with me. Sort of.
The thing is, I came from being a fan of Michael Jackson when I was little, then I moved on to Iron Maiden, MetallicA, etc. etc.
Then eventually some time ago I "re-discovered" Michael Jackson's music, I forgot how important he was and also to me personally.
He definitely lead the way for GOOD MUSIC and soul and emotion and everything that music is about.
Michael Jackson, in my eyes, wasn't a Popstar, he was a Rockstar! Look at this...

Cel mai impresionant omagiu în memoria lui Michael Jackson - VIDEO

„Cirque du Soleil”, omagiu în memoria lui Michael Jackson
„Cirque du Soleil”, omagiu în memoria lui Michael Jackson
Angajaţii celebrului „Circ al Soarelui” din Canada i-au adus un omagiu impresionant Regelui Pop, cu ocazia premierei noului spectacol, denumit „Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour”. 
Câteva zeci de angajaţi ai „Cirque du Soleil”, conduşi de coregraful Travis Payne, s-au reunit seară friguroasă şi ploioasă de octombrie, pentru un spectacol surpriză pe străzile din Montreal, pe fundalul sonor al melodiei „They Don't Care About Us”.

Show-ul „Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour” a avut premiera la Montreal, pe 2 octombrie, iar până în luna august 2012 sunt programate spectacole numai în America de Nord.

Everland Liberia

Mimi's prints-Donations to MJL

MJL exclusive....This painting will hang in EVERLAND when it is build...thanks to all the donors who have helped us so far...This painting was done by our own team member, Mimi, and if you would like a copy for your very own, you may order it at the site below...all donations go to the building of Everland in Michaels name.. — cu Brenda McDonald.

*NEW VIDEO*Paris Jackson playing Football at The Buckley School

Propofol expert Dr. Michael Roizen explains how Dr. C. Murray killed Michael Jackson

Who killed Michae Jackson? please read! by ARNOLD KLEIN

de Arnold W. Klein la 28 octombrie 2011 la 05:59


Arnold W. Klein, MD

Professor of Medicine and Dermatology
Klein Chair in Dermatology UCLA
Consultant to the General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel of the FDA 
"The Most Innovative & Famous Cosmetic Dermatologist in the World”
 Bev Hills Times Magazine

Subject: Hipaa Violation Report

I am Dr. Arnold Klein of 9615 Brighton Way Ste M-110 Beverly Hills, CA 90210.  I am filing this report of a HIPAA violation regarding the records of my former patient, Mr. Michael Jackson.  

Doctors frequently use medical software systems both for records and insurance billing these doctors input billing data, the patient’s name, billing amount, type of treatment, diagnosis, type of drugs prescribed and administered, and the date of service. This is essentially the record system in my office.  On October 27, 2009, without my permission my lawyers Richard Charnley and Brad Boyer of the law firm of Ropers, Majeski, Kohn and Bentley of 515 Flower Street Ste 1100 Los Angeles, CA 90011 in collusion with my former employee Jason Pfeiffer and former accountant Muhammad Kihilji essentially released Michael Jackson’s medical records in court supposedly to get me paid by the Jackson estate. 

I did find out until recently that this was the manner in which the mass media got hold of my records. They released the software bills showing line by line the treatment details of each visit that was unpaid at the time of Michael's untimely death. Mr. Charnley and Mr. Khilji then went on to release the entire patient chart of Michael Jackson including my notes written on the patient file to various individuals on the Internet. I recently found a copy on the office computer from Mr. Khilji.  

This unauthorized release of Michael Jackson’s records has caused my practice untold damage and has spurned a media circus. It has given tabloids and trashy media free access to Mr. Jackson’s private 

medical information.  Mr. Jason Pfeiffer has tried to capitalize on the hype and has gone on television to publicly discuss the records and my treatments on television.  It should be noted that Jason Pfeiffer, Muhammad Khilji with the assistance of Richard Charnley have embezzled over 12 million dollars from me leaving me in bankruptcy court. The have made illegal loans, stolen my identity, written checks, taken out loans, open and closed bank accounts, and depleted my retirement fund.  

These individuals did this without my permission but I have reason to believe the concert promoter’s AEG is involved in that they have been in contact with Charnely. .

Once released my records have been totally misinterpreted. They have been used by TMZ, The Beast, Anderson Cooper and various other media sources to obscure the real facts and individuals responsible for Mr. Michael Jackson’s death. First these records are not simply my records but that of three physicians treating Mr. Jackson: Myself, David Rish and Ilya Reyder. Michael was treated by me to rebuild his face for the “This is It  Tour.” Injection sessions to rebuild his face from the consequences of faulty plastic surgery took 3-4 hours and he was given Demerol for pain relief during these procedures. Please note the entire month of May I was out of the country so injections he received during that time were not mine. Addiction requires the frequency and dose of medication to increase. As my treatments with Michael became less lengthily the dose of Demerol that was used and the frequency of visits was greatly reduced. The figures that have been erroneously quoted to the public indicate a grossly increased frequency of visits and size of dose than that actually used. Being a recognized authority on addiction and Mr. Jackson’s physician I was well aware of his long-standing problem with Propothol created by a plastic surgeon that Mr. Jackson subsequently discharged and was placed in a mental institution. Please understand what you have experienced and I have suffered is an attempt by the greedy parties responsible for Michael Jackson’s death to use me as a scapegoat. They have defamed my name and attempted to destroy me. My relationship with Mr. Jackson taught me many things one of which was the ability to survive. Now it is my turn to take action against the media and finally reveal the greedy and disgusting people who were truly responsible for Michael Jackson’s death.


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Karen about Debbie on Facebook

DR was obsessed with the idea of "having Michael".
I refused to learn to administer the drugs, because it is NOT my place to do so. He needed qualified HELP. It is my opinion, it was more important to keep "the money train" going, than to do the right thing and let Michael heal properly. DR administering the drugs, was a way she could get his attention, and stay close to him? Is obsession sinister? Is wanting to
be in Michael's company, sinister? Why do you think she offered to give him children? To be connected to him forever.

I have many mixed emotions about Debbie. I found her to be overly obsessed with 

Michael...but come on, what female isn't? When Tarak and the Sultan of Brunei were financing Michael...they demanded he marry Debbie. It went against their beliefs. So Michael did. Then when Debbie was married, Debbie was jealous of my relationship with Michael. So she and me fired. Only to replace me with Tommy my gay assistant, that Debbie told everyone was her cousin (but wasn't) so...when Michael fired Tarak...Michael apologized to me and asked me to come back....Debbie also apologized. do I forgive her...yes, but I will not forget.

They were Muslim ( Tarek and the sultan ) and didn't believe in having children without marriage. The marriage was really a business arrangement as far as Michael was concerned. He thought of Debbie as a friend, never a love interest. In my opinion, Debbie thought he would fall in love with her...especially with me out of the way.

Remember I told you about Tarack not paying me, and telling me I could work with MJ, but not TALK to him?

Debbie was tied into THAT mess. however Tarak fired me the last leg of the History Tour. He told me I was never allowed to talk to Michael when we worked and he lowered my salary to an amount I could not live on (I had a child and home to support). I told him to go F*** himself. and he fired me. Since Tarak's employer was funding the tour and they lied to Michael, telling him… I refused to go...I missed a leg of the History Tour. This is when Debbie became his wife, and she was jealous of me. She made sure I was replace by a gay friend of hers who was working as my assistant, Tommy. Then Michael finally fired Tarak. He found out Tommy stole about $200,000.00 and all the makeup and hair equipment that I had collected over theyears for touring, and Tommy was spreading rumors that Michael was gay...he was fired also. Michael called me back and apologized.

Michael had to abide by the people who were controlling the money. I was cut off completely. Michael does not have a constant phone number and he left on tour. Michael always stood up for me when he was in "control" of his life and money. The people who were around him feared they would be fired too, if they helped me.

I was fired the last leg of the History Tour...Tarak fired me because I told him to go F*** himself. He was not paying me, and told me I could work with Michael, but I was never allowed to talk to him..he then told Michael I was demanding a lot of money, and if I didn't get it I was refusing to work for him. Tarak had his hand on all of Michael's financing. I was totally cut off from all contact.


 karen is such a liar. michael fired her not because of debbie but because she stole from his fans.

Faye always sounds jealous when she speaks of any woman that was even remotely in Michael's life. I remember that whole mess , of her and Randy (and his then girlfriend Tanya) swindling money from fans, and then blaming it all on Michael. She also used to sign up on fan forums and gossip about him ... she was just all around highly unprofessional (even when he was alive). Firing her was one of the best things MJ did for himself.

what a shady ass person. gossiping about MJ on a forum and blaming MJ for stealing the money?? wow. And she thinks she is so loyal to MJ *rolleyes*



I wonder why LMP was so mad about when she and MJ went to the Memphis Zoo? He got a lot of attention but she got very little and she walked ahead of him. His bodyguards surrounded him, so maybe LMP had no choice but to walk in front of him and not with him. Being in Memphis (her territory she would think), she probably felt that MJ shouldn't wear his mask or something. Who knows...she was never happy about anything and only griped. I'm also going to try and post a paper MJ filled out at the zoo. He had such a great personality and could be so funny!! I think this paper he filled out is hilarious but from what we know of Ms Grumpy, she was probably offended.

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Karen Faye and her sense of humor

---This is such an inappropriate statement. What is going through the minds of some fans is quite distressing. RT @JoanneDoreen: @wingheart Michael should have just found a good woman and had a damn good shagging every night... that would have helped him sleep. ---

Michael Jackson best sold celebrity in 2011

Michael Jackson was declared the best sold celebrity in 2011 according to a recent list compiled by and published on their website on Tuesday. Reuters reporters inform that the late pop singer was also declared the second highest-earning musician, dead or alive. This is not the first time Michael Jackson wins the Forbes classification; on the contrary, the deceased celebrity occupied the same position in Forbes 2011.
The estimates of the famous financial magazine show that the “Thriller” interpreter made $170 million in the past year. According to analysts, his post-mortem success is partially due to the fact that Michael Jackson’s name has been a constant in tabloids and newspapers since his death in 2009. Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial contributes to the popularity of the celebrity as many more people are intrigued by the discoveries that investigators make in the case. Murray has pleaded not guilty, but he may be charged with involuntary manslaughter for administering the powerful anesthetic, propofol, to the singer.
Cirque du Soleil organized a show called “Immortal” in memory of the King of Pop and many profits were brought to the Jackson account. The show, which was inspired by the singer’s life and music, gathered thousands of spectators. Many similar events are held everywhere around the world in the artist’s honor, but none of them drew people’s attention like this year’s tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales. Ten of thousands of fans purchased tickets, thus contributing to Michael Jackson’s wealth.
On the second position of the top is another beloved celebrity, the King of Rock ’n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. The artist continues to be the favorite celebrity of people all over the world and you can tell this by taking a look at the $55 million revenue he won this year. It was Cirque du Soleil who increased the artist’s profit, once again, due to the “Viva Elvis” show they staged this year. 
The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list created by Forbes includes every deceased artist that has produced more than $6 million in 2011. On the third place was Marilyn Monroe with $27 million, whereas the fifth position was occupied by the screen icon Elizabeth Taylor with a $12 million income.

Can the real King please stand up: Michael Jackson beat Elvis to become the top-earning dead celebrity for a second year, raking in $170m compared to Presley's $55m
Can the real King please stand up: Michael Jackson beat Elvis to become the top-earning dead celebrity for a second year, raking in $170m compared to Presley's $55m
Can the real King please stand up: Michael Jackson beat Elvis to become the top-earning dead celebrity for a second year, raking in $170m compared to Presley's $55m
The Thriller singer, who died aged 50 of a drug overdose, is also the second highest-earning pop music act this year, dead or alive, said.
Like Jackson, Presley's $55m earnings were helped by the Cirque du Soleil, who produced Viva Elvis in tribute to the late singer.
Hollywood's golden age pin-up girl, Marilyn Monroe, who died at age 36 in 1962, earned near $27 million, placing her third on the list.

Icon: Marilyn Monroe came in third place with earnings of $27m
Icon: Marilyn Monroe came in third place with earnings of $27m

Top-earning dead celebrities

1. Michael Jackson, $170M
2. Elvis Presley, $55M
3. Marilyn Monroe, $27M
4. Charles Shulz, $25M
5. John Lennon (tie), $12M
6. Elizabeth Taylor, $12M
7. Albert Einstein, $10M
8. Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss), $9M
9. Jimi Hendrix (tie), $7M
10. Stieg Larsson (tie), $7M
11. Steve McQueen (tie), $7M
12. Richard Rodgers (tie), $7M
13. George Harrison (tie), $7M
14: Bettie Paige, $6M
15. Andy Warhol, $6M
Sultry screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, who passed away in March aged 79, was placed fifth after reportedly earning $12 million, with a large portion coming from the sales of her popular fragrance, White Diamonds.
The Top-Earning Dead Celebrities list by Forbes takes into account any deceased famous figure who has earned at least $6 million between October 2010 and October 2011.
Jackson's physician at the time of his death, Dr. Conrad Murray, is currently on trial in Los Angeles, charged with involuntary manslaughter for administering the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleep aid for the singer in Jackson's home. Murray has pleaded not guilty.
Jackson, whose name has rarely been out of the media headlines due to his sudden death and its cause, has seen sales of albums and memorabilia increase in the past year.
The theatre group Cirque Du Soleil has mounted an extravagant show called 'Immortal' that is based on the singer's life and music. 
Earlier this month, a tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales, lured tens of thousands of fans.

Passing of a legend: Sultry screen icon Elizabeth Taylor, who died in March aged 79, was placed fifth after reportedly earning $12 million


Michael Jackson's kids are just as unique and talented as their dad. Case in point: Paris Jackson took on the boys as the only female member of her varsity flag football team as they whipped the
Her brothers Prince and Blanket cheered on their sister from the sidelines.

After the game was over Paris tweeted, "We Won 32-6!!!!!!!! Yeahhh Boiiiiii!!! #Leggo"

Read more:

City lawyer joins Michael Jackson wrongful death team

What Do Lindsay Lohan And Conrad Murray Have In Common?AUDIO

Here is a link to the the interview with the former LADA who worked for DA's office for 11 years. He was involved in notifying the Jackson's about the Involuntary Manslaughter charge. Please listen 4 mins. into the interview. Where he discusses the bias against Michael Jackson. Get the puke bucket!

I was told today, by someone close to the DA's office. Walgren wanted to charge Second degree murder, but Steve Cooley, WOULDN'T ALLOW IT

asta e din aceeasi tagma cu Snaddon si cu Ron Zonen

I might be sharing too much but I don't care. I found out that Cooley thought Michael bought his way out of 1993 situation. Cooley never wanted Murray charged, walgren fought him tooth and nail for murder 2 and Cooley wouldn't budge. He allowed his personal feeling to get in the way.

David Edwards I'm sure Gloria Allred helped Cooley come to that phony conclusion! In her book that was released in 2006, Allred mentioned how she spoke with Cooley in 2003, after the Bashir crockumentary aired. She wanted to find out if MJ's settlement in 1993 was "hush money", and he assured her that it wasn't because it's not legal. She only briefly discussed her meeting with Cooley, although I'm sure they spoke about MJ often throughout the years. I will discuss this in further detail in an upcoming post on the blog!


Karen Krimmer According to documents obtained by TMZ, District Attorney Steve Cooley explains, "Evidence concerning the Nation of Islam ... is irrelevant to this case because it does not relate to the defendant's participation in Michael Jackson's death."
But there's a deeper storyline -- Cooley's move is a preemptive strike to keep the defense from trying to make Michael Jackson look like a weirdo ... and an unsympathetic character ... and connecting MJ to the N.O.I. would make him very unsympathetic with a jury. And Cooley wants to prevent the defense attacking MJ's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez who claims he was ordered by Dr. Murray to hide evidence of Propofol in MJ's bedroom. Alvarez had been convicted of a misdemeanor 11 years ago, which Cooley believes is irrelevant.

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