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Howard Stern's book Miss America-about his meeting with Michael Jackson




acesta e linkul unde am gasit tampenia

missamericahaward michael

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New Book...Defending a King

mare controversa cu aceasta carte...recomandata de Mesereau

culmea e ca nu e cartea bodyguarzilor...dar am vazut pe pagina lor de FB un comentariu in acre cineva spunea ca autoarea nu e un fan, cum pretinde, dimpotriva, ca ea l-ar crede pe Michael vinovat de toate acuzatiile ea ar fi furat informatiile de la bodyguarzi...acestia din urma au fost de acord cu acest comentariu..aceeasi persoana a precizat ca autoarea si bodiguarzii au colaborat, pana la un punct

interesant e ca astia nu ies macar sa spuna:nu e cartea noastra...sau da, e...sau e , partial...

Michael Jackson - Happy live

Nu stiu daca a mai fost postata melodia :).

Michael Jackson Rare.check out the moonwalk! Bad rehearsal footage danc...

Michael IS Biological Dad to Prince/Paris/Blanket Part 2: Skin Color

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Lenny Kravitz about Michael Jackson (Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN, 2011.12....

MORGAN: But what's the career moment where if you had the chance, you'd relive it?

KRAVITZ: The career moment. Wow. You know, I -- I've had so many where I had to pinch myself.

MORGAN: What was the biggest pinch?

KRAVITZ: Being -- probably producing Michael Jackson. And there's been a lot of great ones, but that was something extraordinary.

MORGAN: What made it so extraordinary?

KRAVITZ: Well, the fact that, you know, I wouldn't be here today if I hadn't seen the Jackson Five when I was six years old. That was the first concert that I had ever been to. My father took me to Madison Square Garden to see them. And it changed everything.

The universe was a different place the next day. I was completely blown away by the music, the talent, the whole experience. And here I am in the studio. I had written a song for Michael. And he's standing there, telling me to be very hard on him, I want to do this exactly the way you see it, so stop me every time it's not the way you want it and so forth.

And we're just getting into it. We're working together. And we ended up spending, you know, a week together in the studio. It was just unbelievable.

MORGAN: What kind after man was he? For real.

KRAVITZ: I thought that he, first of all, was just a beautiful being. Extremely professional, a perfectionist. Still having the passion all those years later, you know? He would stay, work all day and night, come back the next day, all day and night. He hadn't lost that.

A great father. He was amazing with his children. I spent time with the kids. We were all in the studio. Zoe would come and we would all hang out together. He was a very good father. And he was funny. Very funny.

MORGAN: Great sense of humor.

KRAVITZ: We laughed all the time. And he could eat more than you think.

MORGAN: Really? He had all of the energy to burn off, all of the dancing.


MORGAN: Incredible talent. The greatest I've ever seen.

KRAVITZ: The greatest ever. I would agree with that.

MORGAN: How did you feel when you heard what happened to him? And there's sort of mixed thoughts from people that knew him well, that there was a kind of inevitability in the way his life was going, and that actually for somebody like Michael Jackson -- I don't want this to sound callus -- but actually not getting old may have been something that wouldn't have been his worst nightmare.

KRAVITZ: It was interesting. I heard you speaking to Jane Fonda about that. She had spoken about that. I mean, I was obviously devastated. I was blown away. I found out on stage in Scotland, as I was coming off and getting ready to go back on for an encore. And they told me and I had to go back out.

I mean, I -- it's -- it's extremely sad. I mean, I -- I was really looking forward to seeing him come back and do those shows, even though I knew, like, wow, 50 shows, that's -- that's really serious.

MORGAN: I mean, is his legacy going to be that, of our lifetime -- because you get the older generation saying Sammy Davis pretty well the greatest entertainer of that era, whatever. Do you think of our lifetime, Michael Jackson was the best? KRAVITZ: Of course. You can't touch it.

MORGAN: The greatest naturally gifted, as you said earlier?


MORGAN: Entertainer of them all?

KRAVITZ: Yes, completely. I think people -- people think about Michael Jackson and his solo career, which was obviously phenomenal. But the deepest genius I saw him in was when he was a child. I think that he was -- he was a child and he sang with the same talent and soul and intensity of an Aretha Franklin or a James Brown or any great vocalist. 

´´I´ll be missing you´´

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Video: Farewell to those we lost in 2011

Not such a smooth criminal! Michael Jackson impersonator jailed for planning £75,000 bank swindle Read more:

A Michael Jackson impersonator used his day job at a bank to swindle customers out of more than £75,000.

Amar Clement, 28, who styled himself as the 'closest lookalike on the planet', stole account details and carry out fraudulent transactions with the help of three accomplices
Clement, who would regularly don a white glove and trademark Jacko hat to play to audiences around the globe, conspired with the three to commit a 'carefully organised and sophisticated fraud' which saw the gang launder the cash by trading used cars.
Guilty: Michael Jackson impersonator Amar Clement was jailed for stealing customers' money while working at NatWest
Guilty: Michael Jackson impersonator Amar Clement was jailed for stealing customers' money while working at NatWest
When not taking to the stage as the King of Pop, Clement worked as a customer services officer at a branch of NatWest bank where he used the computer system to get the details of dozens of account holders.
In total 101 fraudulent transactions and three attempted ones to a value of £75,222.86 were carried out using the details in early 2009.
Speaking at Oxford Crown Court William Eaglestone, prosecuting, said that at least half a dozen used cars were then bought over the phone from auto dealer Faizan Iqbal, using the customers’ card details.
The cars were then delivered to addresses in Iffley Road, East Oxford and Chillingworth Crescent in Wood Farm, Oxford, as well to homes in Slough, Berkshire, before being sold on for cash.
However, the ruse was exposed on March 11, 2009, when a third man, Mohammed Azim, aged 55 years, entered NatWest’s Cowley Road branch, Oxford, where Clement was then working.
He presented an identity document purporting to show he was one of the customers whose details had been cloned and asked to withdraw £12,000 pounds in cash.
Under bank rules, Clement, who served him, had to refer the transaction to a superior.
Michael Jackson on the cover of Bad
Man in the Mirror: Clement describes himself as the 'closest lookalike on the planet'
Clement (left) claims he is the 'closest lookalike on the planet' to the King of Pop
However, his colleague grew suspicious and telephoned the real customer to confirm it was not him who had come into the branch.
Clement, of Liddell Road, Cowley, admitted fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and attempted theft.
His accomplice Azim, of Northern Road, Slough, admitted fraud and possession of a false identity document, while Iqbal, 22 years, of Lydford Avenue, Slough, admitted conspiracy to commit fraud.
All account holders had their money refunded by NatWest, the court heard.
Enlarge Clement was jailed for stealing £75,000 from customers in 101 fraudulent transactions
Clement was jailed for stealing £75,000 from customers in 101 fraudulent transactions
Felicia Davy, defending father-of-two Clement said that her client was pressurised into carrying out the offences and was 'susceptible to pressure or threats from others'.
She said he had gained media coverage after performing as Michael Jackson at a two-day event for underprivileged children in Poland.
He also boasted online of performing for the cast of TV’s Hollyoaks and in the USA, Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Carlisle.
Judge Patrick Eccles described the plot as a 'carefully organised and sophisticated fraud' and jailed Clement for 18 months and Iqbal for five months.
He gave Azim a four-month sentence, suspended for a year, with a six-week curfew and ordered him to pay £120 in costs.
A fourth man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was due to be sentenced next year.
Outside court, one of the victims said he was still worried that the fraud’s mastermind had not been caught and his address had been given to other criminals.
He said: 'It was a really bleak experience. It was the worst possible outcome to find it was an inside job.
'I hoped it was some electronic thing where someone had gained access from the outside.'

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Este oare sfarsit de septembrie?
Este oare sfarsit de durere?
Mii de pasari se ivesc dintr-odata
Si se-ndreapta nestingherite catre tine,
Sunt gandurile mele cele care brazdeaza cerul,
In cantece tacute ele imi aduc aminte
Este oare acel sfarsit de durere?
O singura pasare se-ntoarce lin catre mine
Si-mi sopteste ca durerea e tot acolo,
Inchisa in mine,
Inchisa in noi.
Durerea nu e calatoare,
Cu maini tremurande isi gaseste lacas
Intr-un colt cald tot din mine, din noi.

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Lundon's Bridge :: Meet the Cast

interesant..dar nu cred ca va fi Michael personajul  care il reprezinta pe tata:))

Seth Riggs - Michael Jackson's Vocal Coach

Paris Jackson on Ellen - My Body Language Analysis. First Interview abou...

MJ ~ Heal The World ~ This Is It Version


1. Thank you - Sly and the Family Stone.
2. Ben - Michael Jackson

3. Standing in the Shadow of Love - 
4. Close to You - The Carpenters
5. People - Barbra Streisand
6. Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
7. That's the Way of the World - E.W.F.
8. Leaving on a Jet Plane - Peter, Paul and Mary
9. Yesterday - The Beatles
10. Fool On The Hill - The Beatles

1. Destiny - The Jacksons
3. Best of Earth, Wind and Fire
4. - Quincy Jones
5. Chic - C'est Chic
6. Children of the World - Bee Gees
7. Aretha Franklin - Best Of
8. Jackson 5 - Greatest Hits
9. Brothers Johnson -
10. -crossed out-

Michael Jackson For All Time: February 2011

Michael Jackson For All Time: February 2011

Prêt à Voyager: You Rock My World

Prêt à Voyager: You Rock My World: Every since I first studied in Paris in 2001, I learned that Paris had a love affair with Michael Jackson. I quickly gained an affinity for ...

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Give Love on Christmas Day- Michael Jackson

Brian hopes his Michael Jackson shrine will get him in the record books

Brian hopes his Michael Jackson shrine will get him in the record books

Photo: SM131211-002ow.jpg
Brian Lee, from Oakham, who has converted his garage into a shrine to Michael Jackson.
Photo: SM131211-002ow.jpg Brian Lee, from Oakham, who has converted his garage into a shrine to Michael Jackson.
A MASSIVE Michael Jackson fan is hoping his collection of photographs of the superstar will propel him into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Brian Lee, 35, of Alpine Close, Oakham, has been a fan of Michael Jackson ever since he was three years old and the singer, who died in 2009 aged 50, has been a huge influence to him throughout his life.
Brian said: “My dad used to listen to the Jacksons when I was a baby and apparently every time it came on I used to bounce to it.”
And his dance moves have not stopped since then. Brian is a Michael Jackson impersonator and has studied his dance moves and characteristics for hours on end.
As a pupil at the Vale of Catmose College he performed for pupils at the nearby primary schools.
Five years ago Brian was signed off work for health reasons and he admits that his love of Michael Jackson has turned into an obsession.
He hopes to get into the record books for having the most comprehensive collection of Michael Jackson memorabilia.
He admits the megastar is his life.
Brian said: “On the day he died everyone in my road and the surrounding houses heard me screaming. It was the worst day of my life.”
Brian has turned the garage of his home into a shrine to Michael and has covered the walls with 1,600 photographs of the singer from various points in his solo career. They have cost him more than £600.
He has books, DVDs, CDs, calendars and memorabilia piled up in corners and he sits and listens to the music and watches the videos daily.
He has even filmed his own DVD and has a You Tube channel of his performances.
He said: “I have 10 copies of everything.
“It has taken me 16 months to do the DVD because of my health issues. I filmed and edited all of it myself.
“Sometimes after I’ve really pushed myself I’m in bed for a week afterwards.
“I have sent it out to all of my friends who are Michael Jackson fans around the world and they love it.”
Brian says it is these friends who have kept him going and he calls them his “family”. They are dotted around the globe from as far away as Australia and America.
He said: “They support me. If I’m ever down or depressed they talk to me and make me feel better.
“We talk to each other about Michael and what he means to us.”
Brian says his favourite Michael Jackson song is Billie Jean because it was the first song he watched him perform live aged seven. He has lost count of the number of Michael Jackson concerts he went to.
His favourite song to perform to himself is Jam.
Brian will keep growing the collection.
He said: “Next year I am going to start collecting replica costumes and I want to create a museum.”
In order to make it into the record books, Brian has to have five references from people who can vouch for his collection. He already has two.
Brian’s father John, 64, is also a support for him. He is a collector himself and has more than 300 guitars, despite not being able to play the instrument himself.
He said: “I’m a Santana fan myself so I know how Brian feels about Michael Jackson.
“When he was 21 we took him to see him perform in Paris. I love the room he has created. I wouldn’t have let him do it otherwise.”
See Brian in action by clicking |here

(Michael Jackson) Beat It - Sungha Jung

Rashida Jones On Piers Morgan Tonight ABOUT MICHAEL


Paris Jackson's First Solo Interview

Michael Jackson In The Wiz

2009.06.29 SMAP meet Michael Jackson

Thomas MESEREAU to MJJiFF, inc. "I am with you"

Tom Mesereau says he was not helping a guilty man get off

Michael Jackson Was NOT The First Black Entertainer To Lose His Pigmentation Due To Vitiligo!


“Somehow I knew that this whole thing happened for a reason,” he says softly, “and that was to make me a better person. This experience has made me much more compassionate. I suffered a great deal because of the skin condition. I mean I suffered. I was a very outgoing person when this happened, always on the go, doing things and loving people. But after this I became that sort of hermit. I lost a lot of friends, and that hurt. I was afraid of people, afraid of being rejected. I had no sex life, for years and very little when I started back. I ran away from anybody who showed any interest in me. I didn’t want to be rejected, and I couldn’t know if they would accept me with those spots all over my body.”

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Rasheda Ali

 Rasheda Ali
Author/Speaker | Daughter of Muhammad Ali   
"Because of my parents, I have had the opportunity to meet many people; but Michael was great.  He adored my mother and we loved him.  Although Michael was a great showman and I loved him as a showman, I loved him more for the great human being that he was and the great father that he was and the great humanitarian that he was.  God blessed Michael with his abilities; but Michael did exactly what he was supposed to do with his gifts - he gave his energy, time, money and power to humanity."

Michael Jackson: Spiritual Messenger Hiding in Plain Sight

Paris Jackson on the Ellen Show

Paris Jackson on the Ellen Degeneres Show | Extract

bineinteles ca presa a rastalmacit totul si a pus in titlu ce ii intereseaza pe ei

Joe Jackson and the family are trying to rewrite history

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MICHAEL JACKSON - Footage of 1976-1985 p3 Song: That's What You Get (For...


michael jackson - christmas tree (jackson 5)

Michael Jackson's Children: How Are They Doing?

Michael Jackson's Children: How Are They Doing?

As the two-and-a-half year anniversary ofMichael Jackson's death approaches, the pop star's children are keeping busy carrying on his legacy. 

Prince, Paris, and Blanket recently attended a taping ofThe X Factor, checked out the Las Vegas opening of Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil and the Michael Jackson Fan Fest memorabilia exhibit. And now Paris, 13, has landed her first acting role in the filmLundon's Bridge and the Three Keys

"They're doing well," their uncle Marlon tells PEOPLE.
Much of the credit for their happiness goes to their grandmother, Katherine, who has been raising the kids since their father's death. "My grandmother is 81, but she’s very hands-on," says their first cousin Genevieve, Randy's daughter. 

While they may be mini-celebs with multimillion-dollar trust funds reportedly waiting for them when they turn 30 – their father's estate earned $445 million in the past two years alone, according to Forbes – the kids are leading relatively normal lives. 
After years of home-schooling, Prince, 14, and Paris now attend a private school. "They love the social aspect of it," says a family insider, noting Prince is "a great student" and "really popular with the girls." Paris, meanwhile, plays on the boys' flag-football team but isn't dating. Explains the insider: "She's got too many uncles keeping an eye on her." 

As for little brother Blanket (real name: Prince Michael II), 9, the shy boy is schooled at their seven-bedroom Calabasas, Calif., home, where he's also been getting an education in the kitchen. "He likes cooking," says the insider. "He'll make cakes and cupcakes. The staff chef helps him." 

But the real passion for all three kids is entertainment. While Paris is focused on acting, her brothers are into filmmaking. "Prince and Blanket want to be directors," says Genevieve, a music artist. "They make home movies together and recruit their cousins to act in them.” She adds, "The cousins are all very close.” 

Having that bond is how the Jackson 3 remain grounded, says their uncle Jackie. "They stay with the family. That's what it's about. We keep a close watch on them." 

Michael Jackson Medley A Cappella - In The Stairwell

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