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Whitney Houston, Bio-Babies, and Nazis: Exposing the Lies of Michael Jackson's Fake Bodyguard

How Matt Fiddes turned an unpaid weekend of umbrella-holding into a lucrative money-making scheme

When a group of Michael Jackson fans created theCalifornia Anti-Defamation Law petitionin 2010, hoping to get a law passed that would make it illegal to slander the dead . . . it was for people like this.

Matt Fiddes, from Devon, is British martial arts and fitness trainer who claims to run a network of martial arts schools around the U.K. (though currently, all but one of his companies has dissolved). He is also something of a famewhore in his home county. Prior to making a business out of exploiting Michael Jackson's children . . .Matt was mostly known for allegedly forging documents in a lawsuit against Channel 4 (which he promptly dropped); for sending out his own press releases to gush about an alleged secret relationship with Z-list celeb Bianca Gascoigne (tweeted Bianca: "#TEAMSINGLE!"); to obsessively harassing andthreatening Big Brother star Chanelle Hayes and her son.

Quite a piece of work, huh?

Fiddes was first introduced to Michael Jackson in June 2002 via the spoon-bending guru Uri Geller, who he had worked with on a fitness video and was an old friend of Jackson's.(Geller famously sold said "friend" to controversial journalist Martin Bashir for a reported $200,000k.)

Gellerasked Fiddes to sub as one of Jackson's bodyguardsfor free, during an event at Exeter Football Club over the weekend -- and Fiddes gladly accepted.

And that is where Jackson's known association with Fiddes ends. Despite his own assertion that he was "Michael Jackson's U.K. bodyguard," Jackson had no further contact with Fiddes on trips to England, Scotland, Ireland, or Wales.

Fiddes (a self-proclaimed millionaire martial artist) alsotold inquiring Jackson fans on Twitterthat he'd "practically lived with Michael for 10 years" . . . a bizarre claim with nothing to back it up. There's no video footage and no photographs of Fiddes and Jackson together, beyond the few taken in 2002.(This is especially odd, considering there are manyfansitessolely dedicated to collecting and organizing every photo of Jackson from every day of his life.)

(Matt Fiddes, seen holding Michael Jackson's umbrella in 2002. During his speech, Jackson had to be reminded what Fiddes' name was.)

What's more -- no one from Jackson's life seems to know Fiddes. Not his makeup artist (she said Fiddes and Geller "creep me out"); not his former managers ("I have no idea who he is!" Frank Casciosaid on Twitter); not his friends; nor his actuallong-term bodyguards and security team.

Knowing all this, one might wonder why and how Fiddes is still relevant, given that he barely knew or interacted with Michael Jackson. However, it wasn't until years later that this unpaid weekend of umbrella-holding for the King of Pop turned into something much more lucrative. . . .

In 2008, members of the Jackson family (including Jackie, Tito, and their mother Katherine) were considering buying a holiday home in England; subsequently, an hour-long documentary was filmed about their U.K. visit. Never one to miss an opportunity,Matt Fiddes made himself available as a local guide to the Jacksons, on the basis of his previous tenuous association with Michael Jackson.

Family matriarch Katherine Jackson would later say in an official statement, "Fiddes tried to pretend he was a close friend to my son Michael, but when I spoke to Michael about him, he could not remember who he was."

Things quickly took a turn for the worse when the family had falling out with their self-appointed tour guide. . . .

(Tito Jackson and his sons, relaxing in Appledoore, a sleepy Devon village.)

Tito Jacksonrecalled: "Matt started to get in more and more shots, and didn't want this or that person to be involved because it would take away from his screen time.

"When I saw Matt trying to run me the way he wanted, I put a stop to it. That's when things started falling apart. Some people want to be seen in your company and want to piggyback on your 40 years of hard work. And when you figure that out, they get mad."

The Jacksons Are Comingdocumentary aired on Channel 4 shortly thereafter, showing Fiddes in an unfavorable light, using his association with the Jacksons to sell stories totabloid newspapers. Enraged, Fiddes took a lawsuit out against Channel 4 in January 2010, alleging that they had misrepresented him.

When the Jacksons offered evidence against Fiddes on behalf of the documentary crew, he wrote Tito Jackson, threatening the family "would regret it" if they crossed him.

"We decided we were going to come and tell the truth about him, anyway," Katherine Jackson declared. "You have to stand up to people like this."

In June of that year, Fiddes dropped the lawsuit after it was alleged he had forged a document, leaving Channel 4 with a £1.7 million legal bill.Fiddes later admitted that he "publicly acknowledges that the programme was not 'faked' as he has previously claimed and has today withdrawn his allegations of malice."

Not one to mince words, the chief executive of the documentary's production company, Stephen Lambert, subsequentlydescribedFiddes as "vainglorious" and "a fame-seeking fantasist."

A few months later, Fiddes made good on his threat to the Jacksons: He sold a story toNews Of The World, a British tabloid, in which he claimed to be the biological father of Michael Jackson's third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (nicknamed "Blanket").

(To quote TMZ: "ehh...")

Fiddes bragged that he was offered £500,000 ($1,000,000) by the King of Pop for his precious "athletic" seed, but that he turned it down.He also suggested that, during a stay in London in April 2001, Jackson stole his sperm under the guise of testing it for Fiddes. As if such a tale wasn't laughable enough . . . it turns out that Jackson wasn't even in London in April 2001.

Fiddes sold many more Jackson-related stories to theDaily Star,News of the World, et al., over the years, hiding behind the fact that one cannot legally libel the dead. More recently, he claimed he would fly to Los Angeles to legally assert paternity and consequent legal guardianship of Michael Jackson's youngest son. He initially claimed he was going to do this in January 2011, as well -- though he never followed through.

"He won't go to L.A., he has no intention!" Fiddes ex-girlfriend Carly Galliford said via Twitter. "He loves the attention, not caring about the Jacksons."Galliford (who claims she was with Fiddes when he came up with the baby-daddy tale) said thatFiddes admitted to lying about being Blanket’s fatherto her face.

"He has told me himself it is a 'money-maker'! He was not even ashamed," Gallifordcontinued. "He isnotBlanket Jackson's dad. All lies!"

And now, in April 2012, Fiddes has reared his ugly head again. This time, after a barrage of Jackson fans complained about him online, Fiddes gave a scathing interview to theSun, making wild claims about his supposed friend, Michael Jackson.

The claims are easy to debunk but too numerous to list, to be honest. However, we'll try to address the eight most controversial, below. . . .


The Recent Claims -- Debunked


Fiddes claims Jackson's nose was held on by a piece of tape. However, Jackson's autopsy report proves it wasn't: His nose wasattached to his faceat the time of his death and there is no evidence it was ever unattached.


Fiddes claims Jackson was an anti-Semite -- at least for a brief period before he could be "deprogrammed" -- stating that Jackson fell out with Uri Geller for two years over this. According to Fiddes:". . . when we were driving to Uri’s house, [Michael] asked, ‘Matt, is Uri a Jew?’ When I told him he was, Michael flew into a rage and ranted, ‘Turn the car around now -- I’m not going to some motherf***ing Jew’s house!'"

In reality, Jackson and Geller fell out in February 2003 because Gellar had sold him on to controversial journalist Martin Bashir, pocketing a reported $200,000k for his efforts. Furthermore, Jackson already knew Geller was Jewish prior to first meeting him. Jackson was evenbest man at Uri Geller's Jewish weddingin 2001.

Geller also introduced Michael to the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, with whom Jackson launched a charity in 2001. Shumley went on to make a series of recordings of his private conversations with Jackson, spanning a period of two years; throughout the hours of tape, they discussed the singer's interest and respect for Judaism.

"[My family] used to have [Michael] over for Shabbat dinners," Rabbi Boteachrecalled. "At one point, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was visiting and I wanted Michael to meet him." Jackson’s entourage urged him not to meet the controversial Sharon for fear of offending some of his fans, but the stage icon ignored the advice and met him, Rabbi Boteach said.

"Any suggestions that Michael was not friendly to the Jewish community are inaccurate," Boteach maintained.

Michael Jackson also wrote/spoke fondly about his Jewish childhood tutor, Rose Fine, whom he used to call his mother when she toured with him. Jackson credited Fine with teaching him about the Holocaust (Fine's relatives were victims) and inspiring him to be a passionate reader throughout his life.

Speaking of reading: In Jackson's Neverland library, he held a copy of the book,"The Rest Of Us,"which documents how Jewish immigrants to America managed to overcome great difficulties. It was also reported that Michael had an interest in "Nazi" movies; these movies turned out to be "Hitler’s Children" and"Nazis: Of Pure Blood"-- which are bothanti-Nazi movies (another was a movie abouttreasure hunters fighting against Nazi Zombies). 

Michael Jackson also married a Jewish woman (Debbie Rowe), who gave birth to his eldest children -- Prince and Paris Jackson -- making them half-Jewish.


Fiddes claims Jackson was "impotent" in his last few years because of years of prolonged drug use. However, according to the coroner, Michael Jackson’s body was "healthier than the average person of his age" and there was no evidence in his body of prolonged exposure to drugs. Jackson's autopsy report also confirmed that he was still actively producing sperm at the time of his death.


Fiddes claims Jackson's body was "filled with needle marks from the anesthetic drip he was on that eventually killed him." However, according to the published autopsy report -- as well as the testimony of the chief L.A. medical examiner and an on-scene medic -- Jackson's body was not "filled with needle marks." The few marks documented on his body on June 25, 2009 (besides the one made by Conrad Murray) were made postmortem, during attempts to revive the singer.


Fiddes claims he was in Las Vegas with Jackson from 2007-2008. Yet there are no photographs or video footage of the two together (Jackson was photographed/filmed every day of his stay in Vegas).

On Facebook, Jackson fans asked the singer's actual bodyguards from 2007-2009 (Mike Garcia, Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard) whether they remembered Fiddes, or had ever worked with him."Worked with who?"they replied in bemusement.


Fiddes claims he saw Jackson "wandering around half-naked a lot of times on tour as we grew closer and he was in a horrific state by the end." Matt Fiddes has never been on tour with Michael Jackson. In fact, Jackson's last tour was 1997 -- Fiddes first met the singer briefly in 2002.


Fiddes stated that Jackson met Whitney Houston in 1991, when they embarked on a two week love affair. According to Fiddes, Jackson later got upset after finding out that Houston had already slept with his brother Jermaine.

In reality, Jackson knew about Jermaine's affair with Houston as early as 1984 (he even teased his older brother about being in love with the singer). There are also many photos of Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston together at public and private events throughout 1987 and 1988.


The fact that Matt Fiddes is allowed to get away with this, exploiting a dead man and his child over and over again, is disgusting. . . .

Read more at ONTD:

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michael jackson demo ,,We are the world "lyrics

Versurile sunt foarte diferite fata de cele de la versiunea oficiala.

Stim ca el  lucrat cu Lionel Richie si se spune ca in proportie de 99 la suta, cantecul a fost creat  de Michael

Sunt curioasa insa de ce au fost schimbate versurile

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The story of JOANNE

1988 – Michael visits sick children again at the Great Ormond Street Hospital. He visits critically ill children and their parents where he spends longer time with the less critical patients, reserving words of comfort to them, reading them stories and delivering presents, including albums, signed photos and T-shirts. He associates himself with the “Wishing Well Fund” for sponsoring the construction of a novel unit, as part of the “Hospital for Sick Children” in Great Ormond Street, London, 

Caring star Michael Jackson wiped away the tears of some of Britain’s most tragic youngsters yesterday and replaced them with smiles of joy.He was determined to meet the patients of the Famous Great Ormond Street Hospital during his appearances in London.
And he reserved some of the most touching words of comfort for cruelly deformed youngster waiting for plastic surgery. Michael who had had his own face dramatically altered by surgery grabs one girls hand as she told him tearfully of her fears about a face op. Michael squeezed her hand and assured her “You’ve no need to worry just look at me”.
Then he toured the rest of the ward tenderly kissing deformed babies on their feet. Michael ringed by 5 burley minders next went to the hospitals Peter Pan Ward, named after the character he hopes to play in a film. The ward is reserved for the Great Ormond Street Hospital’s sickest children but after a few minutes Michael had the youngsters aged 5 to 15 out of their beds.
He even sat some on his knee and told them stories. Michael then beamed with joy as he handed out dozens of presents albums, photos and t shirts.

He told staff he was inspired by the bravery of these sick children. Some of them are very ill but they still managed to put on a smile. On delighted youngster was 9yr old Neil Clark who had just undergone life saving surgery to remove a brain tumour, Neil whose case was highlighted on TV this week was not on the schedule to see the star but Michael threw aside his plans and insisted on seeing him. Neil said ‘Now Michael is now my hero, he is absolutely brilliant.”“I can’t thank Michael Jackson enough he has cheered my son up no end” 

Another fan a 4 yr old name only as Joanne could hardly speak after a throat op but she struggled and uttered the word “Thriller” to a delighted Jackson. But the visit was almost too much for the 29 yr old star. 

He left the hospital close to tears. One of the aides remarked “Michael was very moved.” Hospital ward sister Judith Melville said “Michael obviously loves children and they love him. He has given our patients a day they will always remember.“

Look at the little child laughing with Michael

Here is the story from this little girl that was laughing in the photo with Michael, in this pic she is sat on his lap

'I have been a fan of Michael's since I was about 2 and thats when I first watched the Thriller video for the first time. Well I was blown away! I kept watching it on the video over and over again, much to my mum's annoyance! Ha ha. I was born with a narrowing in my windpipe and had to spend a lot of the first 7 years of my life in Great Ormond Street Hospital, London. It was there, I had to have an emergency Tracheotomy operation. In July 1988 when I was nearly 4, I happened to be in the hospital having yet another procedure done. One of the nurses took my mum to one side and said ''Don't say anything to Joanne or the other children, but Michael Jackson is coming to visit the ward'' Well my mum was gobsmacked. But she never said a word. She told me to stand at the main door of the ward corridor and all I said at the top of my voice was ''MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!!!'' and I held my arms out. Apparantly my mum siad he smiled and one of his entourage laughed. He sat down and was chatting to me. I couldn't just about speak after another throat operation and I managed to say ''Thriller'' and he asked my mum ''What does she mean by that?'' My Mum replied ''She watches your video all the time'' He said ''I'm glad you liked it'' and smiled. He signed a photo and his 1988 BAD tour programme, which I still have and I sat on his lap and has photographers take photos. Then he left because he had other wards to visit. Its a shame I can't remember anymore than saying ''Thriller''. But I can remember how excited I was and 23 years later, I will never forget it. It feels such a honour to meet him, he made us all forget of the operations and stuff we had ahead of us back then. I was staying with my Dad when I heard that he had passed away. Like everyone else all over the world, I was just in total shock. I couldn't believe it, I thought someone was joking around with me and then I turned Sky News on and well I was just lost for words.

I just hope now Michael Jackson can rest in peace. He was a good person like everyone else.

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E True Hollywood Story - LMP

Debbie Rowe VS Lisa Marie Presley

Exploring Neverland: A Night Inside Michael Jackson's Abandoned Fun Park

Superb...sunt 25 de pagini prezentand Neverlandul  si prezentandu-l pe Michael Jackson, cel adevarat

The photographer, Haefner came away from Neverland with the feeling that Jackson's motivation was to create something that would “make kids happy, and give kids something he felt like he missed out on growing up.”

"After visiting Neverland, I have a strong sense that Michael was innocent of the charges that were filed against him," the photographer holds. "I don't have anything tangible to base my feelings on. I think he was just deeply misunderstood, unfortunately."

Akon speaks about Michael Jackson on Behind the Music

Matt Fiddes about Michael

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Michael really meets Mozart

'96 Michael Angers Jewish Groups Over TDCAU (HD)

Michael Jackson Demo "People Of The World" + J-Friends (Sub Italiano - ...

A brilliant conversation about Michael Jackson's genius on Tavis Smiley ...

Michael Jackson: ''.... No silly!'' VERY FUNNY + ''Billie Jean Dream''(...

Michael Jackson History Tour Assistant Speaks

RARE - Michael Jackson meets Children of Mexico (Español - Italiano)

MIchael Jackson deposition

MJ au Musée Grevin 15 ans après...1ère partie

Smokey Robinson: 'Michael Jackson Was The Best I've Ever Seen'

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Lisa Marie Presley songs about Michael Jackson from album ,,Storm and Grace"

MJ and Debbie...just read the lyrics of a song from LMP new album....

why can't she let go of the past?

,,Can it be you're over me
She took my place
She saved the day
Others see you're over me
When she took my place
She saved the day

I seen that she laid and did
Whatever you need
And how when she can bake that cake
I wouldn't bake
What a breath of fresh air
She is in my way"

dragut cantec..pacat ca au apucat-o acum remuscarile, tocmai cand spunea ca e atat de fericita


"Just A Dream"

I've never been as high as when we fell in love,
that was not a dream.
Uncrucified, you came to visit
And for the life of me 
I could remember,
that you were not a regret.
Were you here last night?
We fell in love again
was it just a dream?
I've never been as high as when we fell in love,
that was not a dream.

He said he thought 
that I didn't love him,
that I didn't love him anymore.
He was wrong,
he was wrong,
I loved him
now he's gone

she sing against tabloids??::)

Lyrics: "I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well You ain’t seen nothing yet Am I a disruption to your corruption? You ain’t seen nothing yet You can think that I’m evil and I'M OFF THE RAILS, You ain’t seen nothing yet If I don’t get with your system Then I’m sure to fit No longer elated, now you’re frustrated You ain’t seen nothing yet!"

asa mai spunea si Michael cateodata:))

oricum, melodia e vede ca si-a mai lucrat vocea..

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