Saturday, August 13, 2011

From the court:)))

Lawyer Miller alleged that the star never even rehearsed for the gigs.

"I conceptualise everything, " said Jackson. "I visualise what I want the concert to look like. "I stand in front of a mirror in my bathroom and try out the dance moves. It's hard work."

... Miller asked Jackson if "all the choreographers, technicians, backing singers and band" were in his bathroom for the rehearsal.

Jackson said: "I'm not sure. I don't want to guess."


In procesul ptr   dreptul de autor ptr melodia,,Dangerus",din Mexic, Mike are niste replici extraordinare:)


-"And you don’t uh… do you include common musical phrases in your songs that you write?
MJ: Common musical phrases...

-Do you know what that is?

MJ: Yeah, but I don’t know if YOU know what that means…

HAHHAHAAA!ce taree!ce le pasa Mike al nostru...

from Mexic_Depo
Judge: "Mr Jackson, just answer the question"
Michael:"I'm just trying to tell her the situation"
Judge: "Just answer the question!"
Michael: "I'm answering the question.."
Judge: "You're not"
Michael:"I'm trying.."
Judge: "You're failing"
Michael: giggle

Civil court case in 2002: They ask Michael questions about where he was and what he did on a particular day 3 years ago.

At each question he answers; "I don't remember” Then a man gets annoyed and asks; “Do you remember having memeory problems?"

And Michael goes: “ Not that I recall” The court laughs loud.

Attorney: Have you ever used a theme of love is dangerous or a woman is dangerous or a specific woman is dangerous?

MJ: (Michael giggles) Using that word?

Attorney: Not the word necessarily but the theme.

MJ: Yes I've used it several times. A song I wrote called Dirty Diana which is about girls hanging backstage and things and another song I wrote called Billie Jean.

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