Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iman chat-January 8, 1999- despre scena sarutului din ,,Remember the time"

Isabel says: was it like to kiss Michael Jackson?

Iman: I don't remember kissing him. We barely touched lips, if you play the video very slowly, you will see that. I swear. LOL

sa inteleg ca acuym era femeie maritata si de aceea a mintit???

pai nu a spus ea altceva, in 93???:))

Daily Express, February 20th 1992

Those full and luscious lips of Iman's have certainly been doing a lot of kissing lately: She gives Michael Jackson his first screen kiss in his latest extravagant £2.5 million video Remember The Time.

"We had to act out the kissing scene on Remember The Time three times and if Michael had anything to do with it, we would still be filming it," she said, shrieking with laughter.

"He really got into it. I told him: 'You know you're paying me to do this! You know I'm an engaged woman!' He thought that was very funny."

"He's a shy man but he has a great sense of humour. He mingled with everyone on the shoot and I was amazed how easy he was to be with."

Lying ass bitch
Ok, i was lurking on my iphone and on the iphone you can zoom in really close. To top it off my phone is kinda slow so the gif played really slow. i saw the whole kiss close up in very slow motion.

Michael laid it on her, He even pull on her bottom lip which is hard to see even in this gif, i was kind like "wow, this kiss was hotter than i thought".

Her bottom lip is in his mouth and he gently pull her lip and release(sounds like the yvette story right ), which is why if you look closely her lip kinda stick out far at one point because micheal pull on it and than he rub his lips against her's before he places his bottom lip in her mouth than that when she started to go down.

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oh my gosh!!! i am so you MJ!!!

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