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The Michael Jackson Preservation Project

The Michael Jackson Preservation Project


LA 28.50


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Flo Anthony said :
  • She met Michael, Latoya, Randy, Marlon in 1977 while they were at Disney World Orlando Fl
  • Claims Michael visited Disney quite often. During 78 -79 her friend Sheila went with Michael
  • Her favorite MJ song Remember The Time - J5 song Dancing Machine
  • She is best friend with LaToya
  • Thought her book was honest, thought Latoya spoke the truth
  • but the book was also sad at the end -page 332 is the best page because it has her name
  • She thinks Michael was murdered for his catalog
  • She was there during Latoya and Jack Gordon period
  • she did not see Jack drug LaToya but he was doing something to her, he even had her scared - used to make both she and Latoya feel intimidated
  • After Jack beat LaToya, Mrs. Jackson called and thanked her for sticking by LaToya and being there for Latoya
  • She saw Joe in Las Vegas and he asked her to tell Latoya that she is welcome to come home anytime
  • She thinks Joe is extremely misunderstood- he only wanted the best for his children
  • She was glad LaToya did Celebrity Apprentice because we got to see another side of her
  • Favorite Jacksons - Michael and Latoya
  • She was able to build trust with the family and she was on the set of the scream video and TDRCAU
  • She also said during the scream video shoot LMP called Michael and Janet a lot
  • She does not have an opinion on the upcoming tribute concert - strange that Randy and Jermaine who were not speaking to each other has now teamed up against the concert
  • They asked about Marlon's book and mentioned that Marlon was not in the 2300 Jackson street video
  • Flo said she does not recall Marlon pitching a book - she will shut up about Marlon - Marlon will call and curse her out - she thinks Marlon is just his own person
  • She was on a plane about to land in Miami when she started getting calls about Michael's passing
  • She spoke with Michael a few times between 2007-2009 - she was getting ready to go to London for the concert
  • Marriage to LMP and Debbie was not a sham @ 57:40
  • She knew both LMP and Debbie - She used to speak with both of them
  • She was in London with Michael during History concert and while one wife flew out, the other one flew in - lol - she said Michael is more like Joe than we think
  • She spoke with LMP a few times -thinks Lmp was great in both DS and Oprah interviews
  • She said Reebie's daughter used to babysit Ben and Riley for LMP
  • She said LMP is nice and down to earth
  • Debbie is also down to earth - She was a friend -It was a real marriage - Debbie called her after she saw her on TV defending baby Prince
  • She said Debbie's words were "I am so tired of people talking junk about my kid and my husband"
  • After this she called her almost every night, sometimes she used to call at nights and cry
  • She loves the Jacksons as if they were her own family
  • Said she is thinking about writing a book titled "My Love Affair With The Jacksons" and she wants to include Enid Jackson who was also a very dear friend of hers in the book


Anonymous said...

Flo was just on the preservation project talking about an engagemnet MJ had and a whole lot of women. Here is the link:

miky said...

thanks, anonymus

MJmyinspiration said...

cred ca stiu la ce te referi
sunt romanca..poti vorbi si pe romaneste:)

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