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Some good old fashioned "Michael Jackson Was Normal"

Marlon, National Enquirer interview (in 1988), Jacksons touring
“Michael was just as promiscuous as Jermaine. I remember back in the early days, Michael was something to keep up with where the girls were concerned. Believe me, Michael ain’t no virgin. No way.”
Susie Jackson, Magic/Madness (in 1991), Jacksons touring
“I remember that his brothers used to tell us these wild stories about how they used to go out and get girls and bring them back to the hotel room for Michael,” Susie Jackson said. “Then Michael would supposedly have sex with these girls.”
Michael Lovesmith, former fellow Motown recording artist, 70s
“Don’t believe the nonsense about Michael being gay and stuff. When there were girls around he’d talk about them to the guys and run around pinching their asses and then run away. He was a real funky street dude, know what I mean?”
Tim Whitehead 80s,
“He’s not gay; I really feel certain of that.” said his first cousin Tim whitehead, who has toured with Michael as a roadie, “Many times a good-looking girl would walk by and Mike would whisper, ‘ Hey, what do you think of her? She’s somethin else, isn’t she?”
Ryan Folsey, 1983
Jackson revealed how discombobulated he had been by Ola Ray’s sexual allure after a dance rehearsal with her. “He started getting all nervous and stuff,” says Ryan. “He said, ‘She’s adorable, she’s adorable. She’s so hot!’” It was just so funny seeing him that way.”
Steve Manning, Long time Michael friend and publicist, Right On! December, 1983
Michael is presently involved with a young lady he cares about a great deal. However, he is doing everything he can to protect her from the glaring eyes of his adoring public. This is one thing Michael intends to keep to himself.
Q: Do you think Michael enjos the reputation he has of being Hollywood’s “last innocent”?
A: I really don’t think Michael is that aware of being “a last innocent.” Besides, I think the description is not at all accurate. Michael is quite aware of what is going on around him and since he turned 21 he has handled all of his own private business affairs. All financial reports, contracts, etc go directly to Michael. He has total control and final approval on everything. You have to be pretty shrewd to handle all that. So the “last innocent” reputation is a little difficult to accept, for those of us who really know Michael.
Frank Dileo 1988
Journalist: “Why does Michael sing sexual songs if he doesn’t know anything it?”
Frank: “He’s the age to know something about it and has been for some time. Maybe he’s getting around a little better than you think.”
Anthony Simmons, Night Security Guard 1988-9,
“I can definitively say I was with Michael Jackson from ‘88 to ‘89. I was there primarily at night. I was the chief. Michael has had girlfriends and that’s all I can say about that,” says Simmons.
Bad Tour Security Guard 1987-9,
When we were riding around in a car in Berlin, Michael would look at the women in miniskirts and high heels …”Look at her hips!” and “Look at her ass!” Michael would say.
However, when we passed the girl in question he realized she was a 50 year old woman.
It is needless to say that Michael and I had a good laugh about that. It goes without saying that Michael is pro ass?
Teddy Riley, producer Dangerous & Invincible albums, 1990-onwards
“Michael Jackson was a woman lover, trust! Dude gets it in. I have only once told a close, close friend that I just couldn’t believe how he gets it in. One, I can’t even express that to anybody, cause ****** just don’t understand. But that is just keeping it real. He is a real dude. He’s human. He has a child life in him. He deserves to be a baller and a player sometimes.”
“I was always that friend he could’ve said anything to. He expressed a lot of his most deepest concerns and feelings about a lot of things. I know some personal relationships that he has gone through, female relationships and different things like that but I would never disclose that. That’s the stuff that I know. “
Teddy Riley talking about RTT, Billy Bush’s (Access Hollywood) radio show (RRT recorded 1990-1991)
Teddy R: He said, “That melody, everything. Everything is just great about this song. And what I want to do to this, is it to be full of love.” He said, “I can’t tell you who I’m writing this about, but I know this is going to be a second single.” He said this while we were playing the track.
Billy Bush pipes in and asks Teddy if MJ ever told him who he wrote the song about.
Teddy: No. No, I know who it’s for, but I can’t say (laughs)
Billy Bush: Who?
Teddy: I would never. I mean, we’re close but even when we signed a um disclosure agreement and everything…he said “You can talk about it” and I’m like no I would never talk about it. It’s like a secret I would keep for my book
LaToya, 1991: I do know that at one time and at one point he was very interested in a young lady.
Q: In what?
LaToya: A young lady. My mother did not care for her.
WAMO Pittsburg Radio Station, January 16 1998
“You know something? Mike done changed after he started gettin’ some…” Then he went into a story of how he met MJ once during the Victory Tour in D.C. and he was shy and timid. Then he met him just recently at a gathering with Teddy Riley or someone and MJ was completely different. Open, funny, not shy and most of all checking out the women with Teddy and this DJ and some more guys. Someone asked him what he found most attractive in a lady and he said light eyes and long legs and then pointed out some chick that fit that description and all the guys agreed she was “da bomb.” In the words of this DJ, “Mike is a true brother who has gotten a bad rap and as long as he was in radio he would support the brother.”
Aaron Carter, Howard Stern, 2006
Aaron: Actually, I saw Michael take a girl home from his own party, too.
Ahmed Elatab, 1997-2003
“He’s sexual, he likes women. I’ve seen him flirt. Some of those women he says are his nannies, he’s sleeping with. He’s just hiding it from the public.
“He said he’s not gay, that people are jealous and out to get him.”
He referred to his friend as being “smooth”, adding he knew how to talk to women.
Frank Tyson/Cascio, April 13 2004
Tyson says he and Jackson would have frequent and graphic sexual conversations in bed, conversations about women, but he says Jackson never laid a hand on him. In fact, Tyson says Jackson is completely straight and there is a woman Jackson has secretly seen for years and Tyson says he arranged liaisons for the two.
Eddie Griffin, 2006
“We all know Michael Jackson ain’t fucking no kids… he might be fucking y’all wives.
I had a friend tell me she slept with Michael and she said the thriller is thrilling. She said the reason that ***** wears one glove is that he’s scared to touch his own shit. She said that ***** had to moonwalk to pull his dick out of it. And you know he’s getting some pussy, ‘Yo butt is mine.’”
Friend on myspace, 2000 on
By this time I was about 20 and we had much more to talk about. I’ll never forget the first thing he asked me was about my aunt. He had a thing for my Aunt J in the 80′s. She was ten years older than him and about 100 pounds heavier than him. She had always been pretty big and curvacious, most of her weight settling towards her lower body. It cracked me up that after all that time he was still checking for her. My mother had always told me that she thought Michael was some kind of undercover freak. He tried to be a shy boy in his younger days but he often got caught stealing some peeks. As she says, she thinks Michael was an “ass man.”
We caught up over the phone. He never failed to remind me of what a “pretty woman” I had grown up to be. He also never hesitated to bring up my childhood (and adulthood lol) crushes on Jermaine and Jackie. The Michael I was talking to was no “freak” and he surely wasnt weird. In fact he was way more normal than me. We called each other for the next few years and chatted about this and that. He was the same ol Michael to me. I started to think about making him pay my phone bill because he liked to talk…A LOT.
The Michael that people read about and see on TV was not the real Michael. They portray him to be some weird, quiet, asexual, virgin hermit that he’s not. Michael Joseph Jackson was one of the most flirtatious men I’ve ever encountered. It always throws me that people think he’s asexual or even gay. Michael loves women. Period. Black women, big women, little women, white women, tall women, short women…all women. No woman could be safe around the King of Pop. As shy as he was, he never hesitated to place his hands on my hips or stare at different women. He would be embarrassed to be caught taken a peak at cleavage or a booty. It was always a good laugh catching Mike glancing at someone’s assets. I saw him with different women over the years and I can be a witness to him being very much hetero.
We would get together and drink a little. We chatted about everything under the sun and laughed about everything. No one can make me laugh the way Michael did. He liked to joke about his bad luck with women. Some of the best laughter I’ve ever had was hearing him drop an f-bomb every now and then or his face when I made him dance with me to In The Closet. There was never a quiet dull moment around him. He allowed me to steal kisses from him and playfully tug at his clothes. I’d let him sneak a kiss in and I wouldnt bust him out for feeling up my thigh. I would never pass up the chances I got to get the famous MJ hugs. He has the best hugs in the world. But our relationship was never anything but platonic with a bit of the good ol Jackson flirtation.
Nelson George, Conversations on Michael’s Black America, June 4 2010 (@86:00)
“You know it’s funny… Michael was a big sex symbol. Which has kind of got lost in the thing, but Michael was a huge sex symbol and… I’ll tell a story that’s not in the book because I actually didn’t have the right framework for it but in talking to LA Reid and talking to Teddy Riley, guys that spent a lot of time with him, they both told me stories about these women in the studio. LA Reid is a guy I know very well, I know Teddy Riley very well, these are very straight guys. And they’re telling me that Michael had fine-ass women in the studio, you know, hanging out with him. I believe them.

And Michael sees a woman in the crowd, and gets them to bring her over, Michael chats with her, Michael does not take her phone number. As any well known star knows you never take the phone number, your man takes the phone number. So this guy ends up getting the number for Michael. So it’s interesting that there’s this whole narrative about Michael as a heterosexual male, hanging out with guys I know who are very heterosexual male, but there’s something interesting… he himself, would never consciously publicly… it was like he had this whole thing… he was selling the innocent, magical thing.”
Hoefflin takes Michael to the Playboy Mansion, after Thriller 82-
“We would also spend time together over the years going through books and magazines. Michael would always look at magazines of pretty girls, never boys.
“And finally, I know factually he had sexually relationships with women.”
Dr Hoefflin, 63, said: “Michael loved beautiful women.
“After Thriller came out he asked me to take him to the Playboy mansion to see the stunning girls.
“I was friends with Hugh Heffner, made those arrangments and was with him when he decribed how beautiful and desirable all the women were.
“All the time I was ever with him – whether it was on tour or off tour – he would always comment to me and others about pretty girls he would see.”
Jessica Hahn talking about Michael calling her at the Playboy Mansi...
KING: Did Michael Jackson call you at the “Playboy” Mansion?
HAHN: Oh, yes.
KING: What for?
HAHN: We were in a — we were sitting at the “Playboy” Mansion. Dr. Hoflin (ph) was his surgeon and mine. I’ve since had a new surgeon.
KING: For plastic surgery?
HAHN: Yes. But he decided to call Michael Jackson. That was when he had Bubbles and Michael Jackson asked me to sign a “Playboy” and he said, “Jess, listen to me. I know it’s going to be rough,” because I was new to this. He goes, “I know it’s going to be hard on you, but just understand one thing: It’s all going to be OK. They are going to come like scavengers. The press is going to come after you, but it’s going to be OK. And by the way, will you sign a “Playboy.”" I said, “I’d be more than happy to.”
I was — and I’ve got to be honest. I am happy he is out.
LaToya, talking about her Playboy spread, Donahue Show 1989
“And I knew he had seen them because someone a Heff’s house said they were having a major meeting about me, and in walks Michael, and they had to grab all the pictures and just get rid of them and Michael claimed he had come there to see the animals, of course. Why he was there, they don’t know, but he said he had come there to see the animals. And I knew he wanted to see the pictures… so, I spoke to him for four hours, and finally I said, “I heard you were at Heff’s.” And he said, “Oh yeah, I was. I wanted to see the animals again.” “But Michael, you always see the animals.” “Well, I wanted to see them again.” So it went on and on and finally I said, “Michael, you know I did Playboy.” He goes, “Yeah, I know.” And I said, “Well, why didn’t you mention it to me?” And he said, “Well, I didn’t want to embarrass you. I figured you would mention it first.”

From a poster BabyBeMine at Prince Org
Im sure Mike was cursing and hip more when he was out with Brett Ratner while showing his nephew his Fake SIDE.....His nephew. just like Jermaine say Michael never curses and doesnt drink. Thats cause he didnt show that side to his family.

Ask Brett Ratner.......Im sure he would tell you some stories...
MJ was a undercover pimp who got his drank on with the right friends.

He showed his family this FAKE side of i only drink water and carrot juice. Dude was chasing women and getting faded in the back seat of the limo.
My point is Michaels nephew dont know the real party side of MJ, or side where he does drink alcohol, he does get drunk. Did you hear what Jermaine said after MJ had passed? My brother doesnt drink....LOL....Perf ect example of MJ keeps that away from them because if one brother knows, all of them will know. If a nephew knows im sure he would tell his pops...Uncle Mike is funny when he's drunk.....Thats my point and im not just meaning drinking

MJ showed his family a completely different side of him
Just like MJ shows the fans....His FAKE SIDE

But this is not a negative or me putting him down. Its MJ being a man who drinks, gets his buzz on and chases women.

About a year ago i had doubts about MJ's innocents and weather he really liked women. Well, i met and became friends with someone that you all know and MJ as he said....Kept a certain side of him away from his family such as his alcohol side...MJ has gotten drunk and passed out.... Does his nephew and brothers know this....doubt it.....MJ has gotten a yep a

female in the backseet of the limo many times. Meaning they didnt go all the way but Mike was satisfied..i will stop right there.
Iv'e known Jackie for years and he would always say in that soft voice..Michael doesnt drink and instead of telling him

stories that i know id sit there and say...oh ok...but knowing the truth
Great. Now i dont have to hear your mouth.

I know MJ more than you son...PERSONALLY.... I tried to keep it quiet

But wont sell him out like his punk ass nephew... Bragging about his relationship with his uncle everyday on twitter

If i felt something wrong, im not gonna go to twitter.
One of the reason why i may com across so certain is because i knew him. I will just keep it at that and not talk about it like his nephew on twitter each and everyday.
Bodyguards from 2007-2009, 9th March, 2010,

Whitfield says, “Being a man… men know men, and we (were) around him long enough to know he was a man.”
While Garcia adds, “(He had) desires of women like we do. He had lovers.”
And Whitfield goes on to describe Jackson’s various romantic encounters in the back of his limousine: “In the cars that we had, we had a curtain that covered the back seat. You couldn’t see in the back seat. They talked back there, they didn’t do nothing out of bounds… you can hear the kissing.”

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