Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Do Lindsay Lohan And Conrad Murray Have In Common?AUDIO

Here is a link to the the interview with the former LADA who worked for DA's office for 11 years. He was involved in notifying the Jackson's about the Involuntary Manslaughter charge. Please listen 4 mins. into the interview. Where he discusses the bias against Michael Jackson. Get the puke bucket!

I was told today, by someone close to the DA's office. Walgren wanted to charge Second degree murder, but Steve Cooley, WOULDN'T ALLOW IT

asta e din aceeasi tagma cu Snaddon si cu Ron Zonen

I might be sharing too much but I don't care. I found out that Cooley thought Michael bought his way out of 1993 situation. Cooley never wanted Murray charged, walgren fought him tooth and nail for murder 2 and Cooley wouldn't budge. He allowed his personal feeling to get in the way.

David Edwards I'm sure Gloria Allred helped Cooley come to that phony conclusion! In her book that was released in 2006, Allred mentioned how she spoke with Cooley in 2003, after the Bashir crockumentary aired. She wanted to find out if MJ's settlement in 1993 was "hush money", and he assured her that it wasn't because it's not legal. She only briefly discussed her meeting with Cooley, although I'm sure they spoke about MJ often throughout the years. I will discuss this in further detail in an upcoming post on the blog!


Karen Krimmer According to documents obtained by TMZ, District Attorney Steve Cooley explains, "Evidence concerning the Nation of Islam ... is irrelevant to this case because it does not relate to the defendant's participation in Michael Jackson's death."
But there's a deeper storyline -- Cooley's move is a preemptive strike to keep the defense from trying to make Michael Jackson look like a weirdo ... and an unsympathetic character ... and connecting MJ to the N.O.I. would make him very unsympathetic with a jury. And Cooley wants to prevent the defense attacking MJ's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez who claims he was ordered by Dr. Murray to hide evidence of Propofol in MJ's bedroom. Alvarez had been convicted of a misdemeanor 11 years ago, which Cooley believes is irrelevant.

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Al said...

si ce motiv a invocat asta ca sa nu fie de acord cu Walgren? pai ce, un corupt ca Snaddon, ce conteaza dreptatea cand victima e Michael? sadici, rasisti etc etc

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