Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Famous Face of Vitilgo

look at MJ HAND:(

That brings me to the most famous person to have Vitiligo: Michael Jackson. I was a big Michael fan from his early days with the Jackson Five and all through his solo career. He and I were the same age, so I grew up on his music and dancing. I remember hearing for the first time the rumors that he was bleaching himself white; I thought that was crazy. I knew personally how difficult it was to try to use depigmentation as a treatment for Vitiligo, so I couldn’t imagine how someone could actually bleach their entire body. I asked my dermatologist at one of my yearly visits in the late eighties if she knew anything about Michael Jackson’s skin color and she told me that it was known by most in the dermatology community that he had Vitiligo. At first I was excited to think that I shared something in common with Michael Jackson. Then as the reality set in, the more I thought about it, the more I realized how horrible it must have been for him. Not only was he a black man, he was probably the most well known person in the world and someone who performed in front of millions of people. It was easy for me to just ignore the stares and go on with my life, but how do you do that when you are in the spotlight all the time and subjected to ridicule and tabloid trash talk? I can understand why he tried to cover his Vitiligo up the best he could with makeup and clothes. Michael was known to be a very private person who didn’t want to divulge his medical condition to the world. I have a feeling he may not have received a lot of support from those around him, his professional contacts, and certainly not from the media. And when he did admit to having Vitiligo, so many hateful people in the media refused to believe it using ridicule and writing he “claims to have a skin condition.” Claims to? They accused him of trying to bleach his skin and become a white person. They called him a traitor to his race thinking he had betrayed the African American community of his roots. Who would chose a disease that betrays your own body, challenges your very identity and continually changes your appearance requiring medical treatment and makeup? How does someone who makes their living with their famous face and who faces a debilitating disease deal with that kind of ridicule and mocking from the press? There were those in both the black and the white communities who turned against him simply because of his changing appearance. Hurtful words can be more painful than a physical attack. Michael endured far too many hateful, hurtful words. Many in the “media” claim that even with Vitiligo, Michael would not have naturally turned so completely white. Well, I can verify that it is very possible. My Vitiligo started with me being mostly tan colored with white patches and spots, and gradually progressed to my appearing mostly white with tan spots, to now being almost completely white, except for a very few tiny tan spots. Not only is a morphing appearance unavoidable with Vitiligo, but it is inevitable. Now that the antibodies have finished with my skin, they are starting on my hair. I have huge white patches in my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. It is a cruel joke that the hair on my legs remains as dark as ever, which looks even worse against the stark white skin! I can’t throw out that razor yet. And I now get stares and lots of questions about my hair.

Most people actually think I just have beautiful white skin now. I am sure Michael could have experienced a similar evolution of his appearance. He reportedly used the depigmentation therapy to help even out his skin color so he would not have to wear so much makeup. It is all so easy to understand if people were only not so quick to make hateful judgments or believe everything the tabloid media spews about celebrities.

I wish I could have understood better what Michael Jackson went through while he was still with us. I regret not letting Michael know in some way that I understood at least in part what he went through dealing with this disease. I regret not speaking up more then. I have now become a major defender of Michael Jackson, promising myself that I will not let hateful words stand! I think too and I sincerely hope, that I have become more accepting of people’s differences because of my own personal struggles with appearance and acceptance. I try really hard to not make judgments about people without learning more about them. Without the challenge of Vitiligo in my life and my connection to Michael Jackson I might not have that understanding; I might be a different person. Vitiligo and Michael Jackson taught me about compassion.”

[case Study written by: Joyce Frame, American retired nurse;]
 — cu Monika Hans


Al said...

asa e, numai cine trece prin asta il intelege mai bine, sa traiesti cu atatea schimbari de-a lungul timpului te afecteaza, unii isi schimba infatisarea pt ca vor si nu se mai ia nimeni de ei, dar cine pateste cu adevarat din cauza unei boli este pus la zid

Anonymous said...

MJ was definitely the most famous person to have had Vitiligo, without a doubt!

I often sometimes wonder what Michael Jackson would have done if he would have known about Microskin - Microskin is basically a medical-grade cover up that can camouflage Vitiligo.

It could have changed his life!

Al said...

oo, si sa nu fi stiut de acest cover-up?

miky said...

eu nu stiam de chestia asa, cred ca acum a aprut poate se foloseste la cazurile mai grave habar nu am---ma bucur insa ca lumea stie acum sigur ca A FOST O BOALA A LUI..cHIAR S HATERII STIU DAR EI SPUN CA STIU EI ASTA SIGUR DIN DESCRIE4REA FACUTA DE jordie Chandler asta o spun haterii mai informati, ca sunt si care nu cred in vitiligo

Legat tot de asta:fata mea a primit de mos o enciclopedie cu oameni celebri defapt, un atlas ilustrat si acolo era si mj..m-am miratca nu scria mare lucru despre cariera, ci despre boala lui de piele...nenorocitii..pana nu a murit nu au stiut

Al said...

si intr-o enciclopedie cu oameni celebri astia scriu despre bolile lor, sunt fantastici nene

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