Sunday, January 22, 2012

From DR. Moriarty book


Some quotes from the Moriarty book, regarding the two women friends the BGs talked about. They were nicknamed "Friend" and "Flower."

"...each would occasionally come to visit their boss. Mike Garcia speaks about driving them to meet up with Mr. Jackson when one of the women came to Las Vegas to spend privte time with him. The three men believed that Mr. Jackson used nicknames for the women in order to protect their identities."

"Mr. Jackson did not entertain either of his female friends in the presence of his children nor did they come to his house."

"When Mr. Jackson was visited by one of the women, the security team covertly made all of his requested arrangements. The guards escorted Mr. Jackson into the reserved hotel suite without the knowledge or cooperation of hotel management."

"He could have someone he truly liked and she could reciprocate his feelings. They 'acted like high school sweethearts.' laughing, giggling, and joking around. They spoke on the telephone often, so much that Mr. Jackson accumulated huge monthly long-distance phone bills."


Its from a book by an australian entertainer who befriended Brooke Shields while she was filming a movie in Sydney (in 1993):

Legs 11, by Rhonda Burchmore

I remember one dinner when she got a phone call from this guy named Michael. After talking to him for quite some time she hung up and told me it was this guy in the States who wanted to marry her and had become obsessed about it. I told her to tell him to take a jump, but she smiled and said it wasn't that easy. He was Michael Jackson. The Michael Jackson.

Well, that did make it a little different I suppose.

Brooke said that Michael wanted her to marry him and live in Neverland and how he'd take care of everything. I couldn't help thinking that the poor girl was going from one prison into another.

She told me she liked him but didn't love him and didn't know how to explain that without hurting him. And so, the Michael calls continued day and night trying to wear her into submission.

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Al said...

eeh, Brooke visa si ea cu ochii deschisi ;))), Michael n-a zis niciodata ca a cerut-o de sotie, poate asa o fi

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