Monday, January 23, 2012

Martin Bashir about Michael Jackson and his fans-2011-on the Murray verdict day

MATTHEWS: Explain to me the crowd outside that were clearly chanting

for his conviction.

BASHIR: Well, you probably don`t know this, Chris, because you spend

your time analyzing politics, history and other perhaps more erudite

subjects. I spent about a year with Michael Jackson and made a

documentary. And in the process, I got to see close-up his status to


He wasn`t just a composer, a brilliant singer and incredible dancer.

And by the way, there`s no one else who`s combined all three of those

talents in one body like he did. He wasn`t just that to these fans, he was

messianic. And people actually believed and lived by some of the lyrics

that he produced in the songs that he sang.

And so for the crowds outside, I wasn`t surprised at all. In fact,

just a few minutes ago, an ambulance was called because a fan fainted as a

result of the verdict. None of that`s unusual.

And you have to remember, Chris, that this is a man who -- I once read

an article, I think it was in a music magazine in the U.K., which said that

there were three words that you could utter anywhere around the globe and

all three would be recognized. They were "OK," "Amen," and "Michael


MATTHEWS: Well, I saw a bit of that on an African safari in

Mozambique, of all places. The young people that were working with us,

they were helping us, African people and Mozambiquans, were totally

enthralled by this man, especially at the time of his death. Was he as big

as Elvis Presley and the Beatles? He wanted to be.

BASHIR: I think he probably was, you know, and I think he was bigger.

I don`t think that popular music has ever had two albums like "Off the

Wall" and "Thriller." I think that they were incredible works of art, and

I don`t think they`ll ever be surpassed.

And remember, it`s hard today for people to reflect upon that because,

of course, there`s been this horrific tragedy and this death. But

actually, it`s his music that continues to live -- I think will live


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Al said...

ce face omul ca sa dea bine la tele, sa iasa in evidenta, vaaai, ce frumos vb de el, in 2003 nu avea aceeasi bunavointa
haa, Michael este cat Elvis si Beatles la un loc, auzi, a incercat sa fie la fel de mare ca ei, vai de voi

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