Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Michael Bush revealed Michael’s Mysterious symbols 77

Excerpts from ‘Michael Bush – The Exclusive Interview’
777: [..] The first 7 refers to Michael being the seventh child; the other 77 is the sum of the year he was born in: 19+58=77. [..]
CTE: [..] When Michael saw the first shirts we made, there was nothing on, so he pointed his finger to his shoulder as to say «Bush, details are missing here! Give me some letters…». So Dennis and I put all the letters of the alphabet in a hat, picked three of them randomly and came up with the sequence CTE. The whole world thought it meant something…like a secret code. Actually, Michael later gave it a meaning because he often called people using their job qualifications, not their names. For instance, to Michael I was ‘wardrobe’, Karen Faye was ‘make-up’…so we started to call him ‘the entertainer’. That’s when he decided that CTE meant “C (see) The Entertainer”. [..]
1998: [..] Michael wanted the observer to remember him in some way, so he always thought «Well, you may not remember my picture or signature but you will remember ‘1998’». He was very psychological. It stimulated interest and increased the mystery.. [..]
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