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A Giver02/05/2012


“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” - Lao Tzu

Bahrain - One afternoon, after school,  the children came to me and gave me a present.

PP : “ Hey Ms. Aileen, a gift from Daddy! ” 

Me : “Wow, thank you."

: "Open it. "

Me: "Okay, I will."

P: "Do you like it?"

Me: “Yes, very much.  Please tell your Daddy that I’m so happy. Thank you!”

P: "Pleasure. Okay. Bye."

I'm sure the kids saw the stars in my eyes when I opened the beautifully wrapped box. I was thrilled to bits not only because it was my first Apple Ipod but because it was given by no less than Michael Jackson himself ! How cool was that!

  A week passed, the kids handed me another present. This time it was the Michael Jackson: Ultimate Collection. It was signed with a meaningful note:

Dear Ms. Aileen, Thank you for teaching my children. Love, Michael Jackson
I was in raptures upon reading the message.

Mr. Jackson had his own way of making other people feel valued.He never ran out of surprises. In simple words, he was so thoughtful.
(Those were just the first two among the countless presents he gave me.)

He was a GIVER. He liked to make people happy. He found joy in giving.

There were times in the past when he would call not because he needed something but because he wanted to tell you how he felt. This phone conversation will never be forgotten:

Mr. Jackson : “ Ms. Aileen, I want you to know that you’re doing  a great job."

Me: "Thank you so much."

Mr. Jackson : "Thank you for taking care of my children."

Me: "It's my pleasure taking care of them. They are lovely."

Mr Jackson"Keep up the good work and again thank you for being you."

Me: "( with a lump in my throat) I will. Thank you so much Mr. Jackson."

You bet! I was full of the joys of spring at that moment. I didn't see that coming. It was totally a bolt from the blue and those flattering remarks were just music to my ears. Something that no amount of money could ever buy.  I felt appreciated and recognized.

If you have a boss like him , what more could you ask?

  There are people who are meant to stay in our lives.  Some are just to stay temporarily. But even though some are gone, they remain in our hearts forever.

Mr. Jackson, the memory of who you were — an amazing, giving, compassionate human being — will inspire me for the rest of my life.

Shukran Jazeelan Mr. Jackson.


One of the paparazzis took this. This photo was from Splash News. With my baby, Blanket at Luxor Hotel, Vegas.
A present from Mr. Jackson :-) His personal book.
"Fame comes only when deserved, and then is as inevitable as destiny, for it is destiny." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Admit it or not, many of us seek for stardom in some point of our lives. Sad but true, some would trade their souls for fame. Well, who could blame them, there are tons of  amazing perks that could go with being a "superstar."

Well, I have witnessed first hand the life of not just your typical star. He was the most popular human being on this planet. I have seen how the public got so interested in him that they followed us everywhere. From the castles of Ireland to the world-class hotels in Vegas. Every move, every step and every breath he took was publicized and sensationalized.

Seeing those desperate paparazzis and reporters made me realized that being famous ain't easy. During his time, media forgot their boundaries. They did everything just to get a snapshot of Mr. Jackson,,, the funny looking photos, the better.  Once they get these precious images then they start to fabricate ridiculous stories.

Helicopters hovering just meters away from where we were staying was just a "normal" thing. People would do anything and everything just to get a scoop.

When we took a short unplanned trip and flew commercially somewhere in Europe ( we were not able to have prior reservations because it was an urgent thing). Mr. Jackson and the children were seated quietly on their designated seats along with our group. The three angels were very behaved and hardly talked so that they won't attract anymore attention. Obviously people were busy looking and observing their moves.

The following day, I was aghast to see the front page of the local daily that the spoiled children of Michael Jackson were yelling and throwing soda cans during the entire flight. Unbelievable! How on earth can they write such story which didn't happen at all? Those were clearly just a figment of their wild and stupid imagination. People who were not on that flight and will read stories like this will likely believe all of this crap.

From that moment on, I knew why the boss would hate to see us read tabloids. That was not the last time it happened. I would run out of space and time if I go on.

Over time I have developed an emotional attachment with the family especially the kids. It pains (yes until now) me to hear or read false accusations against them because deep in my heart I know how kind and well-mannered they were. They were my family in a land where I have no body to rely on.

When you get to look into the lives of these famous personalities you will eventually start to appreciate your simple life. The freedom to go anywhere and anytime you want without somebody stalking is beyond price. Nobody would even bother to critic  if you opt to go to Target or Walmart.

Mr. Jackson wasn't able to enjoy the same kind of liberty that we ordinary people have. He couldn't go out, dine out and go to a bookstore ( He was a bookworm. He read about history, photography, designs, film, travel, architectural designs, Africa  and so many other interesting books... that explains why he was well-informed and very smart) without cameras following him.  No matter how hard he tried to cover up people still recognized him.

Paradoxically, those people who are apparently not MJ fans started to say good things about him when he passed away. They then remembered how amazing he was as a performer and how great his music was.

The life that Mr.Jackson lived may be unfathomable but one thing for sure..he was a person with extraordinary talents but with ordinary wants just like you and me.

Again and again I'm extending my gratitude to you my boss for allowing me to have a glimpse of your private world.

Cathedrale Notre-Dame Paris

"Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Dad."- Anne Geddes

Charles De Gaulle Airport - A French man was holding a placard with my name boldly printed on it.

Me: "Bonjour! I am Aileen."

French Man: "Bonjour! I will be taking you to your hotel. Can you wait here while I get the car?"

Me: "Sure! I will be right here."

After a couple of minutes, he was back with the ride.

Me : So, where are we going?

French Man : "Your hotel is in Versailles."

Me : "Versailles...the home of  Marie Antoinette!"

Who haven't heard of Marie Antoinette? Everybody knows her.

    When we got to the hotel the chauffeur escorted me to the main lobby.

Then, I  saw Ms. G with a sweet smile and said  “Welcome to France!”

Me: "Thank you. I can't believe I'm finally here. This is a dream come true."

She knew I was exhausted from the long flight so she handed me my room key and told me to rest.

I took a shower , changed and had my dinner.

The next day , I saw Mr. Jackson and the kids. He brought the kids to the classroom, one of the suite rooms they have reserved for us. 

Me: "Good morning Mr. Jackson. Good morning PPB."

Mr. Jackson: "Good morning. I'm happy you're here with us. Do you like France?"
Me: "I haven't been around yet but so far YES I do. "

Mr. Jackson: "You should go out and explore. This is a beautiful place."

Me: "I will. Thanks."

Mr: Jackson: "So I will now leave you here and children behave okay. ?"

PPB: "Okay. Love you Daddy."

Mr: Jackson : "I love you more."

PBB: "Miss you."

Mr. Jackson : " I miss you more."

The children were so attached to him. He was the apple of their eyes and you can see the love and respect they have for him. Their eyes twinkled every time they talked about their dad.

Despite his busy schedule , Mr. Jackson attended to them personally making sure all their needs were taken cared of. He was a very "hands-on" father. He played with them, prepared their food, read books to them, watched movies with them, went shopping with them.. practically he was with them all the time when the children were not in school.

It was pretty clear to me that he was a great dad with so much love for his children. He could live without anything but not without his children. PPB were his life.

If there's one thing that people should not question about ... it is how brilliant he was as a father.

 On a Friday night, Ms. G went to my room and asked me if I want to walk around Paris. I was delighted and never thought she would ask. Before I could give my big YES, she gave me some Euros , a city map and told me where to find The Eiffel Tower , Champs Elysees , Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre .  

 Ms. G: “Just follow the map and give me a call if you have a problem. Getting lost is part of the adventure,” she humorously added. 

Me: “ Well, I’m ready to get lost,” I added with a laugh.  

  The next day I woke up early excited to explore the City of Lights and Capital of Fashion. Armed with not more than 20 French words and a city map, I bravely headed to the nearest train station. 

My first destination was The Eiffel Tower. You couldn't possibly visit Paris without seeing the The Eiffel. But even if you have no intention to visit the structure, you will not miss it because you can see its top from all over Paris. It rises 300 meters tall (984 ft). 

The lines to the elevator and stairs were unbelievably long.  Because of my great eagerness to reach the top , I patiently lined-up. No complaints and endured the scorching heat of summer.  Reached the topmost part of the tower and I really felt grand.

 Afterward, I  took one of the tour ships and cruised the Seine River which  flows through Paris from the south-east to the south-west. The cruise was also great  to know  the culture, history and beauty of the region, known as the birthplace of Impressionism.

 Later that day I went to see The Louvre. It was originally a palace but now one of the largest and most visited museums in the world. If you are an art enthusiast, this place is a must-visit for you. There were about 35,000 objects on display, spread out over three wings of the former palace. Some of the most famous works of art in the museum are the Venus of Milo, the Nike of Samothrake, the Dying Slave by Michelangelo and of course Leonardo da Vinci's heavily-guarded Mona Lisa.

Then after, I had my photo taken at the Arc de Triomphe, the most monumental of all triumphal arches which was built between 1806 and 1836.

Strolled along the Avenue des Champs-Elysées ,probably the most famous and expensive avenue in the world. Many famous French and international brands have their flagship Paris store there. Fashion, cars and and music are well- represented.

As a Catholic, how could I miss Notre Dame Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece on the UNESCO World Heritage List that was celebrated by Victor Hugo's novel published in 1831. He used it as the primary setting of his legendary novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame and it is used in all films based on the novel.

I was exhausted but very satisfied with my day tour. I survived to visit all the landmarks I wanted to go... take note..ALONE without a tour guide. I was back at the hotel in one piece at 30 mins past 5pm.

 Around 6pm, I was notified that the group will be going to The Eiffel Tower.  I showered, changed quickly and waited for the signal to go.

When we got there , we were met by the General Manager. He showed us the entire structure and told us the history of the tower.  When we reached the top most part, I felt something different compared to my experience earlier that day. The magnificent lights made the place magical.The moment was just impeccable...the view from the top was breath-taking.

Paris, a lively cosmopolitan was undeniably enchanting. Truly, the most beautiful and romantic of all cities.

Merci beaucoup to the person responsible for making me realize my Parisian dream.

I miss you tremendously Mr. Jackson.



Let me share with you my Disney experience which I missed on my first blog.

Here it is:

A notice came early in the morning that we will be moving from Versailles to Disneyland Paris. Obviously, I was overjoyed because it was my first Disney adventure. I believe I was more thrilled than the children.

When we got there, I was surprised to see a bunch of fans screaming Michael Jackson’s name.

“How did they know we 're here?” I wondered.  That totally puzzled me.

  Later that day, I asked Ms. G if I can go and check the park.

“ Go ahead. Enjoy.” she said.

So, I put on my most comfortable get-up and went out of my room rushing to meet Mickey Mouse and his friends.

I explored Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios as if there was no tomorrow. It was like fulfilling a childhood dream.

Also, I didn’t miss Disney Village where I bought tons of souvenir items that you could ever think of.

Without a doubt, I did have a magical moment at the happiest place on earth.

The next day , I was informed that we will  be going to the park together with Mr. Jackson and the children. I was kinda excited and didn’t know what was it like to be going out with them.  It was my first public engagement with the family.

We did not pass the entrance gate but security ushered us to the back gate instead. When we got in the park, people started screaming and running towards us.  Mr. Jackson waved his hand and said “I love you” to the people.  Security was already in full alert trying to protect Mr. Jackson and the group.

When the crowd became irrepressible, we headed to the nearest shop.  The security was forced to lock-up the place to prevent them from coming in and to give the group some time inside.

We stayed inside the shop for awhile .The fans didn’t stop from screaming and waited patiently outside . I was instructed to keep an eye on the children all the time.

When we went out, the crowd mugged us. Security needed to take the children away from Mr. Jackson to keep them from being hurt.

I was stunned with what had happened. Found out that one of the children got a bruise on the arm but didn't complain at all.

 After some time, we proceeded to the park as planned.

The children and the grown-ups surely enjoyed the rides and the different attractions.

I felt my excitement fading away when we headed to Space Mountain, a steel roller coaster-type attraction in Discoveryland. I simply hate roller coaster!

Prince : “ Ms. Aileen, let’s go!”

Me : “ I think I will just have to stay here and wait for you guys.”

Prince : “Come on. Let’s go.”

Me: “You can go without me Prince.” Have fun!” I will be right here waiting, okay?

Prince : "Are you sure?"

Me: "Positive"

Prince: "Okay. We will be right back."

I sighed with relief.  Then they proceeded along with the security and took the ride. So I stayed at the waiting area until they came back.

After an afternoon filled with fun, thrill and excitement, we were escorted back to our hotel .

When dinner was over, I went to the hotel shop to buy some more stuff.  Then again I saw the same people who greeted us when we entered the hotel.  They were seated  at the lobby waiting for Mr. Jackson to come out. They were talking so loud that everyone could hear them converse about their enthusiasm of seeing him.

At that time, I didn’t quite understand why people would go crazy  chasing him and would be willing to splurge a huge amount of money for airfares and hotel accommodation just to have a glimpse of Mr. Jackson.

It’s funny that I never understood why people who went to his concert would cry and faint.

A person who could draw attention from millions of people all over the world was just amazing.

He was like a MAGNET attracting the public wherever he went. He was incredible!

It was only after I got to know his real character  and who he really was that I understood people’s enthrallment towards him.

More than his exceptional and incomparable talent, his pure heart made the people adore and love him immensely. It's true that I read a couple of those offensive rumors about him but never did I question his morality... not even once.

I have been a living witness to the inherent goodness and decency of Mr. Jackson. Those horrible tabloid rumors were far from the real person that he really was. It made me wonder over and over again,, Where the hell did they get all those stories from?

"It’s funny that the people who didn’t get the chance to be with him have a lot to say. "

So, to show my gratitude and my unwavering respect for him, I've created this site so I can hopefully and slowly make a difference.


If you were working for a celebrity there was a pressure to perform your best. The pressure doubles if you work for no less than the music icon himself,Michael Jackson.

My journey was not that easy. It was a roller coaster ride of emotions. I would lie if I say that I  didn’t come across any challenges at all.  There were a lot actually from little stuff to complicated ones.

Ms. G used to tell me this and it continued to be my main motivation whenever I’m troubled and confused. .. “ The problems and trials that we experienced were purposely given to us to shape our character.”

She added,  “Always pray. It doesn’t matter where you are as long as you talk to God. You don’t need to be inside the church to offer a short prayer . You can pray inside your room, while having a shower, when you’re inside the elevator or wherever you need to talk to Him.

True enough her words of wisdom helped me a lot overcome my anxiety.  Prayer is the most effective way to overcome any obstacle. It costs nothing but your little time and strong faith.

Indeed the bumps and humps were essential for us to appreciate a smooth ride.

There may be pressures and demands that came with the job but it was definitely all worth it.

In November 2006, we flew to England for the World Music Awards .

We checked in a luxury 5-star hotel in London.  Since it was a  huge event  people knew that Mr. Jackson will be in town. To my surprise, they arrived at the hotel before we did.

Fans stayed outside the hotel screaming, singing and yelling “ We love you Michael.”  They sang and danced to his songs. It was like watching a production number for free.

And they did successfully caught his attention. In fact , not only his but the entire staff and guests at the hotel as well.

Needless to say Mr. Jackson loved his supporters so much. He appreciated all the love and devotion . He knew his fans would always be there for him in good and in bad times.

Each night Mr. Jackson asked our security people to hand food and drinks to his loving fans that stayed outside 24/7. I’m not exaggerating. They stayed there day and night.

The fans went wild when he waved and opened his hotel room window.

When I witnessed how the fans screamed at the top of their lungs and how they chased our vehicle every time we left , I realized how privileged I was to be with him most of the time and be able to talk to him casually.

Honestly, there were times in the past when I would forget that my boss was the most famous human being in the world, the one and only Mr. MichaelJackson.  Please don’t get me wrong. It was because I saw him every single day.  I saw him when he was just wearing his pajamas, sometimes in his Donald Duck shirt and bumped into him at the pantry every now and then.

When school was over for the day he would  at times call me on my cell phone and ask about school stuff or something else.

There were times when I missed his calls and he would leave a voice message:

“Hi Ms. Aileen, this is Mr. Jackson. Please call me as soon as you can. Thank you.”
Moreover,  he NEVER  acted like a “superstar” around us even though he really was a true "SUPERSTAR" in the real sense of the word because of the obvious reasons we are all aware about.

  He was naturally kind and a delight to be with. One of the most humble men that I have the pleasure to meet in this lifetime.

Albeit the rubbish rumors written on the tabloids, no one and nothing could ever take away my admiration for the one and only King of Pop.

People keep on telling me how lucky I am to have met and worked for Mr. Jackson.  I couldn’t agree more. I could have done something right in my life to be granted with this kind of opportunity. It was truly a blessing. Mr. Jackson was a blessing.

He gave me the chance to see the world...literally. I traveled with them across the globe and got to experience so many "firsts" in my life like traveled privately on a chartered jet plane, commercially on first & business class, lived in a castle, stayed in 5-star hotels and so much more ( I could go on and on and on).

I can still remember clearly this conversation with him when we're at the airport.

Me : " Mr. Jackson , if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be able to travel and see beautiful places. Thank you for showing me the world."

Mr. Jackson"My pleasure Ms. Aileen. Thank you for teaching my children. God bless you."

But more than the material things, I am so grateful to the Jackson Family for the love, respect and trust. They never treated me as an outsider but a part of their private family. I stayed where they stayed and ate the same food they ate. I never felt as an outcast. It’s also worth mentioning that the children were so kind and polite. They never failed to say “please” and “thank you.” Kudos to Mr. Jackson! He did an amazing job raising his kids.

The world  knew Mr. Jackson as a brilliant performer… I knew him as a decent man, great father to P,P& B and the coolest boss on the planet. 


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