Thursday, March 15, 2012

You've Really Got A Hold On Me (Original Mix) Michael Jackson


MJmyinspiration said...

eu nu stiu ce e cu atatea tampenii pr topix
de ce ar vrea cineva sa scrie asa ceva?

,,well he does not fit the profile, however I knew him and let me tell ya, he was not who you all think he was, that kind, humanitarian that we all seen. Remember never believe the media.

He was a manipulative, lying, cheating, and left broken promises. He made a mockery out of certain people. I think its sad that he also allowed someone he claimed to have loved at one time, go through 3 yrs of stress and darkness as not to be known that he had a secret gf. 3 yrs she waited for him and believed in him, only to get hurt, stressed out, literally sick and would have given him the WORLD, in the normal way he wanted it. He gets burned by all these woman, finds one to do good and then burns her and for 3 dam years. She has now realized or should I say decided to move on. Being in the dark and being secretive is NOT LOVE

The only love he gave was to 17-25 year old girls who by the way were strangers and he trusted them to much. He gave them everything and left someone out in the cold over and over again. So if that is a pedophile than be it, that is what he is, more like a pimp to me"

Al said...

ce melodie frumoasa, mi-am imaginat o seara de dans de pe vremuri, cu fete in rochite vaporoase, coafate si baieti in pantaloni evazati :))

avea omul defectele lui, ca toti, dar nu ce zice asta aici , BEAT IT

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