Friday, April 27, 2012

Lisa Marie Presley songs about Michael Jackson from album ,,Storm and Grace"

MJ and Debbie...just read the lyrics of a song from LMP new album....

why can't she let go of the past?

,,Can it be you're over me
She took my place
She saved the day
Others see you're over me
When she took my place
She saved the day

I seen that she laid and did
Whatever you need
And how when she can bake that cake
I wouldn't bake
What a breath of fresh air
She is in my way"

dragut cantec..pacat ca au apucat-o acum remuscarile, tocmai cand spunea ca e atat de fericita


"Just A Dream"

I've never been as high as when we fell in love,
that was not a dream.
Uncrucified, you came to visit
And for the life of me 
I could remember,
that you were not a regret.
Were you here last night?
We fell in love again
was it just a dream?
I've never been as high as when we fell in love,
that was not a dream.

He said he thought 
that I didn't love him,
that I didn't love him anymore.
He was wrong,
he was wrong,
I loved him
now he's gone

she sing against tabloids??::)

Lyrics: "I’m a bit transgressive and suppressive as well You ain’t seen nothing yet Am I a disruption to your corruption? You ain’t seen nothing yet You can think that I’m evil and I'M OFF THE RAILS, You ain’t seen nothing yet If I don’t get with your system Then I’m sure to fit No longer elated, now you’re frustrated You ain’t seen nothing yet!"

asa mai spunea si Michael cateodata:))

oricum, melodia e vede ca si-a mai lucrat vocea..


Al said...

inseamna ca a deranjat-o si suparat-o ca Debbie a vrut sa ii daruiasca ceea ce ea, la acel moment, nu a vrut
mi se pare important ca el sa fi stiut ca ea chiar l-a iubit si invers, de ce nu

MJmyinspiration said...

pacat, daca nu a stiut:(

MJmyinspiration said...

am pus o melodie sus...faina

MJmyinspiration said...

ultimul cantec se pare ca e despre,,sistem", ceea ce ma face sa ma gandesc la religia ei, Scientologia...bine macar ca s-a prins

Al said...

ar fi bine sa se fi prins, ar fi trebuit sa renunte ña religia asta dc stie ce e bine

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