Monday, April 2, 2012

Exclusive making-of footage of TDCAU in Salvador

The producer who recorded the whole footage is selling this tape. He says that there is only one tape with exclusive making-of footage of TDCAU in Salvador. His name is Marco Ribeiro and he states that in a certain street there was more than 2,000 people protected by the police, so that they would not trespass the music video set. However, Michael was always throwing himself against the police officers, almost jumping in the crowd.
According to Marco, Michael was doing that on purpose, because he wanted to show the police brutality. At that time, Marco called the colonel and told him what was happening, that Michael was throwing himself against the police officers, to look like he was being beaten up. Fifteen minutes later, the riot control arrived and arrested Spike Lee and all the producers and confiscated the cameras.
He even said to the colonel when he called him that the whole video was a "trap" to the Brazilian police, that Michael said in the lyrics that "the police beats up and spanks" and Michael wanted to show that in the video with his attitude, which would be very negative to their reputation
He also says that he decided to show this footage and tell this story because all the officers are now retired.
The price of this tape? Initial bid of one hundred thousand dollars.


MJmyinspiration said...

ha_==)) la 3.10, cum sare nebunu:) se vede clarca aia nu sunt violenti...dar el a vrut sa fie totul autentic


Al said...

nu era el atat de meschin incat sa vrea ca politia sa devina violenta cu el doar ca sa dovedeasca brutalitatea , se observa ca politistii, ca si el, rad, probabil asa s-au si inteles
si vad ca nu e nici un scop ´´nobil´´ cu aceasta caseta, asta doar vrea sa faca bani multi :(

Anonymous said...

pai, da, ca sa il puna pe MJ INTR-O LUMINA NEGATIVA

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