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1. "Michael Jackson is world renouned for his exceptional dancing, singing, and entertainment....His voice, higher in pitch and tone than the average, has come under severe speculation. Rumors of the early-to-mid eighties, say that Michael has taken estrogen or hormone pills. Michael Jackson's normal speaking voice, unfortunately, is a moderately low tone - not a deep tone - but moderate. A similar question was asked by another questionaire and I told them that like answering a telephone for a business venture, the voice becomes higher and in a "professional" (for lack of a better term) voice. Something of an articulate nature....The answer would be that Michael's speaking and singing range varies from a very low to very high pitch and tones." 

2. "Michael Jackson, described by his vocal coach, Seth Riggs, as a high tenor, was declared the 11th best vocalist in contempary music, according to MTV's 22 Greatest Voices in Music. He has recieved many awards for his vocal performance through-out his career.
Technically, Michael Jackson has one of the finest voices in contempary music. His first advantage is the natural speed of his voice. Michael Jackson has the ability to sing in STACCATO, and sing complex rhythms in perfect timing....Jackson's second advantage as a singer is his range. Michael Jackson's natural vocal range, before he breaks off into FALSETTO, goes from two E's below middle C, to two B's above middle C, or 44 notes." 

3. "Jackson sang from childhood, and over time his voice and vocal style changed noticeably, either through puberty or a personal preference to align his vocal interpretation to the themes and genres he chose to express. Between 1971 and 1975, Jackson's voice "descended ever so slightly from boy soprano to his current androgynous high tenor". In the mid-1970s, the singer adopted a "vocal hiccup" as seen in "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)". The purpose of the hiccup—somewhat like a gulping for air or gasping—was to help promote a certain emotion, be it excitement, sadness or fear. With the arrival of Off the Wall in the late 1970s, Jackson's abilities as a vocalist were well regarded; Allmusic described him as a "blindingly gifted vocalist".At the time, Rolling Stone compared his vocals to the "breathless, dreamy stutter" of Stevie Wonder. Their analysis was also that "Jackson's feathery-timbered tenor is extraordinarily beautiful. It slides smoothly into a startling FALSETTO that's used very daringly."
1. (Marcus Lamar Walker AllExperts - Michael Jackson)


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MJmyinspiration said...

aici sunt cateva impresii despre vocea lui in public:

sometimes a vocalist (especially a world-class professional) is known for a high singing voice. In order to preserve that voice, they'll raise the pitch of their speaking voice. Vocal coaches will often advise singers to use their speaking pitch as the centre of their singing range, a process which can also work in reverse.

I recently watched several interviews with him, and found out that he always uses a falsetto on camera and on stage. For those who do not know what falsetto is, it is artificially high voice. In these interviews, he used his "true" voice, which turns out to be a VERY nice baritone.

He stated that he thought it was about time people heard his real voice, and that he was tired of hiding behind his falsetto, even though it was what he used to become famous. He really was trying to make a comeback. I think he would of succeeded

fanMJ said...

Eu nu cred ca folosea intentionat "falsetto voice", ci pur si simplu asa vorbea el, probabil din cauza timiditatii. Cat despre faptul ca lua pastile, astia chiar sunt dusi cu capul.

fanMJ said...
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