Monday, April 9, 2012

Van Gils PR cup – It’s all about the Suite

His name's Carlo Riley, he's the MJ impersonator David LaChapelle used in this photo

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Carlo met Pamela at the LaChapelle exhibit of his photo

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And there he says he asked Pamela if that was MJ and he says that she said it was

But the white mask thing was a PR stunt by the company Van Gils

There were a bunch of guys in white masks attending parties all over Europe with different women, only the one with Pamela in London was rumored to be MJ, and then when that rumor went out, one of the white masked guys in another place grabbed his crotch and stuck an MJ pose

So the mystery is solved, it was a PR cup by the legendary Van Gils and what a fantastic way of making PR, both me and christian hope to see more of this creative PR work in the future.
Here is Van Gils at the bar, and well we can see that the ladies like him, and as he says “It’s all about the suite” we couldn’t agree with you more Mr Mystery Van Gils.
Lets end with this picture from the Stockholm visit with the swedish hostess Carolina Gynning. For those who are about to rock – We Salute You for more information

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Al said...

ce sa zica si madam Pamela :), de ce sa infirme un asa zvon...

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