Sunday, May 6, 2012

Michael Jackson in Switzerland - 1979


Al said...

eiii, tabloul meu preferat, cu multa zapada, superb acolo, o pereche de pometi, un cadru f frumos, ehe

MJmyinspiration said...

acum vad ca vine tampitul de Matt Fides cu povesti din tabloide, de demult

asta dupa ce a zis ca MJ ERA IMPOTENT

Fiddes also claimed the chart-topper desperately tried to bed Pamela Anderson months before his death, after becoming obsessed with her fake breasts and plastic surgery.

"Michael was a straight man -- I'll say this until the day I die," Fiddes said. "Proof of this is that he secretly met with Pamela Anderson in 2008, months before his death. He became absolutely besotted with her after seeing her boobs and all the rest on 'Baywatch.' He used to say she was like a 'work of art' and an 'angel sculpture sent from heaven."

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