Friday, June 8, 2012

The Real Story between Michael Jackson & OPRAH !

Dear Oprah,
Horatio Nelson once said, “Desperate affairs require desperate measures.”  Judging by the
recurring headlines detailing OWN Network’s dismal performance after a year and a half on the
air, you must be looking for those “desperate measures”.
We can’t help but notice the irony of the current situation: the man you spent the better part of the
last decade, bashing and stopping short of labeling a child molester,  is  the very man’s name and
progeny, you are now using to salvage your sinking network. No doubt, at the top of OWN  TV’s
Rescue List would be a repeat of HIStory?
Remember in 1993, your Oprah show  experienced record ratings, over 100 millions viewers
tuned in, to watch you interview  the world's biggest superstar,  the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
While you were a somewhat  hot  commodity in the United States then, Michael Jackson
introduced you to an international audience.
When a few years later, Mr.  Jackson  had  sex  abuse  allegations  leveled against him, we all
watched in dismay you turned on him, appointed yourself judge and jury, deciding even  before
evidence was presented in court, that he MUST be guilty of the charges. After a jury of his peers
rejected those  accusations  and turned a NOT GUILTY verdict on  ALL  counts, you continued to
openly question his innocence with snide remarks, and demonized him to your audience and
guests. You have made it very clear, whether by airing “Is Michael Jackson Guilty?” show during
jury deliberations or molestation shows  before or after interviewing members of Mr. Jackson’s
family, that Lady O’s opinion is more important than those 12 jurors who sat through the grueling
Randy Jackson, younger brother of Mr.  Jackson  confirmed  in  a  2010  interview, that Mr. Jackson
was well aware of your smear campaign and your dubious attitude towards him. Though he never
made his feelings about you public, his brother  reiterated, “She [Oprah] is the last person on
earth he [Michael Jackson] would want around his children." Having crowned yourself a
“child defender”, we find it distasteful, disgraceful and hypocritical, that you are now using
grieving children, whose father you tried to sway a jury to send  behind  bars,  when  it  suits  you.
Few in the media have called out your  shameful  exploitation  and  hypocrisy,  but  we  applaud  the
few who did.
Those Who Remember

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Al said...

ca sa nu mai zic de interviurile luate celor 2 Presley unde il barfeau pe Michael, ´´interesul isi poarta fesul´´, asta e toata treaba
si acum imi rasuna in urechi intrebarea´´si te-ai casatorit cu Michael jackson, adica Michael Jackson´´? ca si cum era un ciumat, un neom, un extraterestru :((

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