Friday, November 11, 2011

Karen Faye about Frank Cascio's new upcoming book

‎@DafnaDgani: @wingheart Hey Karen (Faye), I was wondering what's your feelings about Frank Cascio's new upcoming book about Michael? Thanks Dafna

I have no feelings about it. Michael supported $$ many ppl. I guess they feel this is a way to get another paycheck. Michael was also my main source of income, because he was my main client for 27 years. I do understand how devastating it is, loosing that also, in a time of debilitating grief. I can continue being a makeup artist, some ppl do not have much to fall back on and see an opportunity to cash in. If I share anything about Michael, I want to give it freely to those who loved him, like he gave it to me, or I won't share it at all. I think those who want to buy it, and read it, should do it if that is what they want. I am sure there will be some things to learn about Michael in it. Michael was a good friend, and supported Frank and his family.

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