Sunday, February 5, 2012


"He was a prophet in a way you know, in his music; a modern day prophet. Like I said, he was sent by God to enlighten, much like the prophets of old times. A lot of people don’t recognize it because he’s different in that he’s an entertainer, and he was sent in that form of being an entertainer, so a lot of people overlooked the prophecy he was teaching. "His teachings of love and concern; you can hear about his concern with “Earth Song,” and other songs he preached concern for the planet and people, for humanity, for one another. I think he’s a wonderful human being. I think he’s a lesson for everybody to learn and model after in that light; the light of concern and caring for one another. 
Sure would be a better world if everybody did." 
~ Jonathon Moffett.—

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Al said...

da, sunt mesajele care imbracau o forma in versurile sale ca sa ajunga la omenire, si cred ca nu degeaba face parte dintre cei 100 cei mai influenti oameni din sec 20

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