Sunday, February 5, 2012

That girl I can't take her; should have known she was a heartbreaker...

If marriage to Lisa-Marie with Nicolas Cage lasted three months (which does not surprise me at all), the question is how, however, she stood next to Michael about two years. 
There are some similarities between the two marriages: in none of them, the spouses have lived together, in both fights started almost immediately after the wedding, every time, after divorce, Lisa-Marie began to splash with mud left and n right to declare "embarrassed" to pose as victims manipulated and support that was a mistake to marry, while partner gracefully refrained from comment to the press. Lisa-Marie is a very mentally unstable. Now is exalted, and the next second falls into the deepest depression. In contrast, Cage's always confident and exuberant, at 5 am he is standing ready for the next day, eager to talk about big plans and ideas. Lisa-Marie wakes up only to see their children before they go to school, then returned to bed until noon. Nicolas Cage once complained to a friend: "Lisa is so morose morning and so negative, that depresses me and ruin my day." Lisa-Marie and she complained: "Nicolas can spend hours with a book that I am not interested at all. But that's not the biggest problem, but after that he wants to tell it tome, pretending to like it and to listen. Let her dead! That will not happen ever. "
Their relationship lasted 21 months BECAUSE Michael did not want to file divorce .. He was stubborn, but NOT impulsiv, LIKE HER.he was the first marriage and wanted that marriage to last,.. for Lisa was not a big deal to divorce ...

Lisa could not accept that MJ was always one step ahead of her ... literally, you can analyze it psychologically, if you look at pictures

She was only the King s wife, not ,, the Queen " % 2B-% 2B2.jpg % 2B-% 2B3.jpg

Similarly, Niciolas CAGE, Man with a strong personality is WITH a step forward % 2B-% 2B5.jpg

maybe it would be better for you to analyze Lisa relationships with men, to know HER :))

uups :)) wtf?
Lookwood spinning around HER like a Pekingese

of course she's THE FIRST photos:) % 2B-% 2B7.jpg % 2B-% 2B9.jpg

Lisa and Michael, both wanted to marry to show the world that each one of them can have the desired ,, toy ", they loved what represented each one.
This is the truth 



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Al said...

hmm, Lisa cea grasunica, era gravida nu?
eh, nu mai zic nimic de relatia lor pt ca nu stiu ce a fost si n-o sa stim

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