Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life Lessons in MJ's Music

Michael Jackson is known as the King of Pop for an impressive body of music that speaks to both the heart and the complexities of life.
Michael Jackson managed to not only break impressive records in popular music but also explored life’s most delicate moments in a contemplative way that touched the lives of people from across the world. The music spoke of the pressures of the unrealistic expectations bestowed upon a person and just how much the process of growth and change is continuous despite any efforts of a person to appear perfect in the public eye.
Michael Jackson’s musical catalogue is extensive including albums with the Jackson Five later known as The Jacksons. Overall, Michael Jackson also known as MJ performed quite a few songs that speak to the pressures of life and the harsh judgments of people that are often unavoidable because it is human nature.

The Reality of Human Nature

“Human Nature” from The Thriller album contemplates the reason why people treat someone with such critical eyes while examining every aspect of that person’s life with a magnifying glass. The song explores the many reasons why people treat each other in such an unforgiving and extremely judgmental way. The song concludes that it is simply due to human nature.

Examining the Person in the Mirror

Change is something that must first occur from within a person in order to manifest itself into a solid reality. “Man in the Mirror” is a song from The Bad album about starting with the person in the mirror to make changes within self that can lead to a positive difference in the world. A person must start by examining the why behind personal character traits that may be hindering the process of self development

The Downfall of Being Polite

“That’s what you get for being Polite” is a song recorded by The Jacksons on the Destiny Album. Michael Jackson sings the lead in telling the story about a man named Jack who is unhappy with life desiring love although no one seems to really understand Jack’s true plight. Jack tries to buy love but still feels lonely and lost in the ideal of finding true love but so far it hasn’t worked in Jack’s favor. The song continues to tell the story of Jack who cries alone, battles fear and is searching for love and happiness that remains unfound.

Exploring Accountability for Calamity in the World

“They Don’t Really Care About Us” is a song from the album HIStory Past, Present and Future Book 1. This song was controversial because it explored accountability for racial tensions while exposing lyrics that highlighted various racial epitaphs. It is also an open discussion about all of the human tragedies that exist that no one seems to really care about. It further explores the impact of these careless attacks against a group of people based upon a person’s cultural biases.

“Stranger in Moscow” is a song from the album HIStory Past, Present and Future Book 2. This song appears to be a personal testimony about life after a fall from the graces of favorable fame. It explores a world where loneliness in someone’s heart is often more present than happiness after fame dies. A previously famous person is now a Stranger in Moscow and it is cold inside this place and this stranger must find a place of solitude to become comfortable outside a life of fame and prestige.
Becoming a Stranger to Fame

Overall, Michael Jackson was a musical genius who was unafraid to explore the good, bad and ugly side of human nature and love.

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