Monday, May 21, 2012

What the F**k? Lily Chandler is an MJ Fan?


A while back it came out that a youtuber going by "LilyChandler" favorited a video of Michael Jackson at the '93 World Music Awards. In the video, Michael was with Jordan and Lily, and the two children alternated who'd share a seat with him during the event. When word of LilyChandler's youtube page spread, the video was abruptly removed from her list of favorites and all was *nearly* forgotten. But it turns out that Lily also has a weheartit page under the name "afreshcutlily" (her handle all over the 'net), and she favorited two photos of a model dressed as Michael Jackson. 

This confuses the shiit out of me. If my brother were abused, there's no way in hell that I'd favorite photos and a video to remind me of his abuser. Do you think this may mean that Michael was innocent, and she knows her mother and brother helped ruin him? Or do you still think that Michael was guilty and this girl is just a heartless bish who's not going to let little things like the psychological damage done to her brother, and the destruction of her family get in the way of her admiration for the world's chicest child molester?

 Lily Chandler's admiration for Michael Jackson doesn't fit will with the narrative that Michael Jackson molested her brother.


if she liked this, then i believe that she liked this:!/afreshcutlily

Here's afreshcutlily's twitter photo compared to a Lily Chandler webshots photo:


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Al said...

ea este fetita pe care o tine MJ in brate, eh, alte vremuri, probabil ca fata tine la el, uneori nu raspundem pt actele fratilor nostri; si pana la urma acuzatiile au fost minciuni, ea stie asta si se afiseaza ca fan MJ, acum ca fratele a recunoscut ca a fost o mare inselatorie

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