Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Michael Jackson Real Peter Pan in New Book


Michael Jackson is highlighted as the real to life Peter Pan in a new book on Michael's visionary World and his extraordinary life where one can stay young forever. 

This amazing book is called, "Michael In Foreverland," which is now available at www.amazon.com. 

Some of the highlights of this book are Elizabeth Taylor, who was one of his closest friends who truly understood Michael Jackson for all that he stood for. 

As you enter into Michael Jackson's world in this book, you will BELIEVE as Michael did. 

Michael loved life, he loved nature, the stars, the planets and often said that these were the things he cared about. 

Those who want to really understand the genius mind of The King of Pop need to read this charming book where they Author, Ms. Kim Day Day truly understands him. 

In this book, one can find the child within them that somehow got lost in adulthood. One will believe in fairytales, magic, legends that spark your imagination. 

Michael Jackson will live forever in this book as one of the greatest Entertainers in HiStory. 

There are comparisons of Michael Jackson-The King of Pop v. Elvis-The King of Rock, Michael v. Johnny Depp, Michael v. Walt Disney, Michael v. John Barrie (creator of Play, Peter Pan). 

The photos in this book show Michael Jackson with Elizabeth Taylor, Madonna, Lisa Marie Presley and Diana Ross and Brooke Shields, who loved Michael's smile. 

It also highlights Michael as a true Humanitarian who really cared about Planet Earth, the animals and sick children stricken with cancer. 

Michael Jackson's vision was beyond imagination. His creativity was beyond the twilight zone. He took videos to a greater height. 

Michael's charismatic performance on stage was that of a perfectionist. 

One will learn many facts about Michael Jackson that you did not know before. Michael loved gorillas and butterflies. Michael Jackson had Neverland and Elvis had Graceland, there were many similarities between the two greatest entertainers of all time. 

Michael In Foreverland will take you there and will be a legacy on Michael Jackson's life to be remembered for generations. 

Michael Jackson always said you haven't seen nothing yet. In the Michael In Foreverland book - you haven't seen nothing yet. It is like no other book out there on Michael Jackson. 

This book understands Michael Jackson's heart and mind and gets inside of both.


Al said...

am intrat pe amazon, acolo punea ca cica ar mai fi numai una in stoc, nu e scumpa rau
am vazut si pe yt un filmulet cu cartea, cred ca e faina
mi se pare ca si pe tribute portrait.com se face o carte numai a fanilor

Al said...
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