Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stephanie Mills talk about Michael Jackson


re Harris That was the word back in the day. That's why I was surprised MJ ended up dating her. But the timing of filming the The Wiz the movie, and the fact Mike saw the play several times and knew Stephanie... I always though MJ was sent in as reinforcement to keep Step from kicking Diana's arse, because they didn't want Stephanie for the movie, and she was pretty PO'ed about it. Just the same, Diana was miscast.

Jeffery Scott Beasley I sat through an entire Stephanie Mills live musical set once, and I didn't even get up and leave the dinner room. OK, so Michael Jackson was seated at a nearby table, and I couldn't figure out a way toss food without him seeing me do it.

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Al said...

uite la ei ce se distreaza :) si tipa povesteste picanterii :)
nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc ce a vrut sa zica asta cu ´´éase on down the road´´, hahaha

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