Saturday, March 3, 2012

Paris Jackson Denies Faked ‘Michael’ Album Reports
Paris Jackson Denies Faked 'Michael' Album Reports
On Wednesday, TMZ claimed there is a video chat of Paris Jackson telling her friends that her father’s posthumous album, Michael, is not actually him singing.
Just before Michael Jackson’s album was released in 2010, Paris was said to be telling her close pals that her father’s parts on the album were actually performed by Jason Malachi. She reportedly played the song, Hold My Hand, and denied the entire album was done by her father.
She reportedly said, “It’s NOT him…the whole album isn’t even him! Go online…go on YouTubeand look up Jason Malachi. That’s him!! I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time.”
Now, Paris took to her official Twitter account to deny the reports. She tweeted, “People should know by now not to believe the media when it comes down to TMZ talking about my family. #HoldMyHad IS my dad actually singing.”
There you have it! Did you listen to the album and feel that it was faked by an imposter? Or did you think that the entire album is legitimately Michael Jackson? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!


Al said...

cred ca il cred pe Cascio cand zice ca e MJ

miky said...

pai si fata lui sa nu stie?:) i-a zis cineva acolo sa se duca la scris sigur a scris pe twitter, altfel nu speculaz astia atat...vezi ce inseamna sa lasi copiii liberi pe net?

Al said...

si atunci de ce a dezmintit Paris, cum ca n-a zis ea ca nu e MJ? ca de obicei, se joaca cu noi, presa si cine o mai fi

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