Monday, May 21, 2012

Joe Jackson about June Chandler

June was an attractive woman - a former model with long dark hair was so beautiful, that her appearance in the street could paralyse the traffic. But even if Michael at once has taken a great interest in her, he never would be occurred with an idea of destroying the family. But both children have liked Michael, it happens to the majority of children. 

Subsequently Michael who passionately wished to have his own family, has made friends with the Schwarz family, in fact June which undoubtedly too has liked my son, has willingly gave him her home phone number. 

Michael paid attention to June and to her both children, flied with them to Monaco, went to Disneyland. He has not taken into consideration the meanness on Evan Chandler, the father of the boy. 

Evan chandler had problems with his allowance of dental practise because he worked carelessly. When his marriage has broken up, June has acquired the right of trusteeship above their common son, and Chandler had to pay her the alimony, 500 dollars monthly. He nevertheless failed to pay the payments on time and when he has lifted the charges against my son, he owed June already 68 thousand dollars. I already then asked myself, whether it was the true reason of his sudden interest in my son. 

Anyway, he has invited Michael to visit his and June son at their place, when he has heard about Michael's friendly manner with his former wife and their common child. He even has suggested, that Michael could reconstruct his house so that he could have his own room there. When the supervision of construction has forbidden it, he has demanded from my son to buy him a new house. 

His behaviour was first of all therefore unusual because he usually did not stand if his former wife had contacts with other men. Generally he was really jealous. And here he got a lawyer which was in the same time his patient - Berry Rothman. For Rothman the conflicts around of trusteeship were not something new. He already represented one woman in fierce quarrel for the right of trusteeship, and there he too with the help of the friend - therapist has proved, that the boy was molested by his father. 

Let's return to June Chandler Schwarz which in the meantime has filed for divorce with Dave. Probably, she has fallen in love with Michael, or has allowed him to console herself because her marriage has failed, in any case Michael has invited her and her children to the ranch in Santa Barbara. 

Then Michael already for a long time has finished the relationship with Tatum O'Neil, Brook Shields, the young dancer, Stephanie of Monaco and some other women. Brook though carried his ring, has been in love with someone else. Michael has met with Madonna too once, but nothing came out of this story. 

So Michael was free for June. Sometimes he visited her in her house in Santa Monica Canyons, sometimes she came on the ranch. He started to think about gathering with her and to adopt her children. When he has flown to Monaco to the World Music Awards, he has taken all the three with himself and introduces them to the princess Stephanie.


Al said...

no comm
imi displac amandoi, Joe si June, so...

Unknown said...

Michael was completely misunderstood. If people would just ignore the media hype and dig a little deeper, they would see what an incredible human being he was with a child-like innocence yet more strength than most men. The molestation was all a lie. He loved the children, the world, and everthing in it. All he ever wanted was to have a loving family whom he could trust and cherish. He didn't deserve what happened to him. They tore him apart over greed and jealousy. No wonder he couldn't sleep and took pain pills. They broke him down. He kept fighting but the pressure of the concert and the vultures in his life was just too much to bear. But his music, the magic, philanthropy, and kind spirit will always be remembered and live on. I believe a part of him is still with us and I'm sure he's watching over his children.

Anonymous said...

Well said...every word.

Unknown said...

Who's Joe?

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