Sunday, May 13, 2012

Michael Jackson song about child neglect

Michael's handwritten lyrics to a song Michael McKellar which he states is 'About child neglect ~pain children feel when there ignored'

Michael cited he had written the song in his court deposition in November 1993, though shaking his head and asking the judge 'how he knew about the song! further adding to the mystery. [Michael appeared surprised that the judge mentioned the song].
Frank Cascio mentioned in his book that one of the names that Michael would stay in hotels under was 'Michael McKellar, Frank also refers to listening to the song in the bathroom at Neverland and called it a 'pretty song'

Michael Mckellar
Lives in a different world
Oh what a different
Nobody seems to care
Waits at the window
Look how is lying there
Pretends his dying there
Nobody seems to care

Isn't it [clear] nobody noticed serving his heart on a tray now
Isn't it queer look and you'll notice bowing his head
Talks to the mirror,
Himself he entertains,
(Or: He’s standing in the rain)
Tries to escape the pain,
(But all things remain the same)
His pain remains the same.
Michael McAllar feels
He must get away.
He’s left alone today.
Nobody cares to stay.

Nothings for
Your far beyond your years


Al said...

cum adica a scris cantecul la depozitia din 93 si judecatorul stia de el? ciudat
da, si in Do u know where your children are vb de neglijenta si ce se intampla dc nu dai atentie copilului tau

vindicatemj said...


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