Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Michael Jackson tribute in New York

Displayed in a gallery in New York and made of precious stones.
click on it and see it in close up detail, it is stunning.

The most popular piece of street art in  Michael Graffiti around the World album which now contains over 160 street art murals. This is a street artist in Rome. 

MICHAEL GRAFFITI from around the World

Michael Graffiti around the World album ~ and one of the first from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Michael and Bob Marley. 

The World still dancing to Michael's songs, this time to get fit! 

Dhanusha Gokulan / 11 May 2012 Event at Burj Steps held to encourage people to get into fitness in an enjoyable manner.
DUBAI — Michael Jackson’s hit song ‘Thriller’ can get anyone on their toes and move the shoulders. Set against the iconic backdrop of Burj Khalifa, a few thousand dancers grooved to the song at the first-ever dance extravaganza at Downtown Dubai on Friday. From zombie walks to well coordinated dance moves, the event saw high-energy action from every single participant.
It was to encourage people to get into fitness as a lifestyle and the reason we didn’t keep the event as a flash mob is because we wanted people to know about it and take part,” said Botha. He added that fitness is not about boring walks on the treadmill, it can be highly enjoyable.

The dance gala featured both professional dancers as well as rank amateurs with a passion for dance and music. Fitness First choreographed the routine and taught their members the dance steps via social media channels and scheduled rehearsals.

Michael Graffiti around the World ~ a great pic of the artist Mr Gypsy working on a huge street art mural in Cork, Ireland. At the link is a video of the beautiful finished work ~ don't miss ~ it's amazing. I love the way he has all the photos and a book from which to take his paintings, this must have taken hours as the full mural is huge. I wonder what he did with the work, it is amazing. Mr Gypsy also throws in a Michael dance move! 

Neverland: A photo of Michael's games room where the Tennis Court and Train Station can be seen through the window.

tribute to Michael and Whitney

Michael in his 'Frank Sinatra' hat

Celebrate BAD 25th Anniversry ~ 'Bad' quilt cover:)

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