Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nigeria: Remembering Michael Jackson

Olufunmilola Okikiolu — The death three years ago of Michael Jackson in May 2009 was a psychological amputation to the Jackson's family, the American nation, the music industry and the entire wide world. I think that was why some folks committed suicide when they heard the news. I personally felt as if a part of me was gone even though I never clapped my eyes on MJ in real life.
Indeed, some of us felt MJ was too good and too young to have gone too soon. When my daughter, aged 5 heard it on the radio, she asked me, "Daddy, which Michael Jackson are they talking about, is it the one that used to dance like this?" And she clutched and her hips gyrated in mimicry of the singer popularly known as Wacko Jacko.
A friend confessed to me that when he heard of MJ's death, he was so scared and thought that Armageddon was here. However, I was consoled by the fatalistic philosopher who said as soon as a child is born into this world he is old enough to die. And Shakespeare also says:
"As the waves make towards the pebbled shores,
So do our minutes hasten to their end."
MJ, even though your life was caught short, you lived life to the zenith in your carrier that is why you were dubbed the king of pop. I think you are as great as any great man in history. Here is my tribute to you on the third anniversary of your departing this world.
In music Wacko Jacko was a parallel of his divorced wife's father, Elvis Presley. When Jackson sang he held his audience spellbound. His blues are emotion-laden, soul-stirring and sensually permeable to the human soul. I do not wish to corrupt anyone, but if you want to woo a woman, turn off the light and play her Michael Jackson's track "I just can stop loving you".
Alfred Lord Tennyson may be describing Michael Jackson's type of music when he wrote and I quote: "There is a sweet music here that softer falls than petals from blown roses on the grass or night- dews on still waters between walls music that gentler on the sprit lies."
Michael, we hear your music, we see your dance and we are delightedly mesmerized. We shall continue to love and remember you. And you will forever be canonized in our hearts till you ore canonized among the saints of music. Peace! The King of Pop, peace! Wacko Jacko, peace! Michael Jackson.
Benson Eyagha, Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street, Ikeja

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Al said...

frate, lasa in pana mea treaba asta cu Wacko Jacko :(

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