Friday, June 1, 2012

Fans are overjoyed as work begins on Everland Children's Home Liberia

Digging the_foundations_3
A dream becomes a reality for Michael Jackson fans across the world as the first steps are undertaken by builders in Liberia to construct a children's home in his memory.
Everland Children's Home, situated in a slum district on the outskirts of Monrovia, is set to cater for 50 otherwise destitute children from the impoverished area of Caldwell. For almost ten months, fans from 25 countries around the world have been donating money towards the project in memory of late superstar and humanitarian, Michael Jackson.  It is the first time fans of any entertainer have collectively engaged in such a life-changing project in the Third World, and will likely not be the last.
MJL, the group that founded this initiative, say that they would like to build more places of refuge for distressed and impoverished children in other needy areas across the world once Everand Liberia is up and running.
Michael Jackson inspired millions with his music and humanitarian work, much of the latter neither recognised nor publicly acknowledged during his lifetime. Now, those left behind are determined to make a positive impact in his memory and through his example.
On 21st May 2012, less that ten months into the launch of MJL and the Everland project, fans had collectively given so much towards the building that builders were able to start clearing the land and digging the foundations. What follows below are the first pictures of this initiative taking shape.
Digging the_foundations_1
Digging the_foundations_2
Digging the_foundations_3
BELOW: Pastor Dekontee, overseer of the project in Liberia, leads the workmen in songs of praise and prayers of thanksgiving before work commences on the first day. 
Dekontee leads_the_workers_in_songs_followed_by_prayers_on_the_first_day

BELOW: Some construction materials arrive on site. The best is yet to come!  
Some construction_materials_arriving

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Al said...

este impresionant, bravo de mii de ori, sunt primii acre au reusit acest proiect, bravo, ma bucur mult, trebuia sa dam si noi

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