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Todd Gray on this photo: Once Michael was just surrounded by his family and friends he became the playful, trickster and jokester. Sometimes he'd call me up, disguise his voice, make up a name and ask me to do something foolish. He could mimic a variety of voices and played many pranks on me. One time I took pictures of him while he was in bed because he was late for a meeting I'd set up and wouldn't get up. He was like, "Todd, I'm gonna get you for that!" And he did. I'd forgotten all about what happened while he was performing one night and he'd told me to stand in a specific spot to take photos of him when he began singing that song. I did as I was instructed. So right before I go to take my position, Michael drops to his back and starts saying, "Help me, help me! I need some woman to touch me!" and every woman in that place collapsed on me. I was between them and Michael and I couldn't even get one shot in and he gave me this look like, I got you. Afterwards, I said you think you're so cute, and he says, "What do you mean, Todd?" I'm like, Mike that hurt; those people were crushing me and all he said: "Todd, the spirit just takes me sometimes and the spirit just took me." That's when I knew that was payback and that was the last time I stepped out of line with him (Laughs.)(Thanks Liz for the photo and info!)

Photographer Todd Gray on this photo: Michael showed me his newly finished private theater, complete with plush red velvet seats. I thought his blue sweater would complement the deep red, and I asked him to take a seat and pretend as if he were watching a movie. “Which movie?” he asked. I said, “It doesn’t matter. Any movie will do.” But Michael insisted: “Todd, you’ve got to tell me which movie I’m supposed to be watching if you want a reaction from me.” O.K., what about a Charlie Chaplin comedy, I suggested. “Which one?” Michael asked. “He’s made so many, you know.” My mind went blank; luckily, my assistant shouted out, “Modern Times.” Michael responded, “O.K., which part?” Exasperated, I said, “Michael, it’s a comedy, just laugh!” It was getting late and we were all tired and a little punchy, but Michael was having fun with all of this. “Well,” he began, “if you want me to laugh, then you have to tell me a joke. But you said you wanted me to act like I’m watching a movie. Which is it you want?” Finally I gave up and made a ridiculous clown face, which made him laugh.

February 7, 1989- Michael Jackson visited each classroom at the Cleveland Elementary School in Stockton, California, the parents of the children at the nearby Central United Methodist Church, as well as the children checked into the hospital, three weeks after a gunman had fired 100 bullets into a playground, then committing suicide. Five children were murdered and 39 injured during the attack. Michael just back from his Bad World Tour, arrived to comfort the surviving children by giving them the confidence to view the world more positively after the traumatic experience. Eight-year-old Thahn Tran, who had lost his younger brother during the massacre, speaks about the effect Jackson’s visit had on him: “I didn’t want to go back to school, but Michael made it all right again. If he goes there, it must be safe. Michael is my friend and I’m very glad.”. Another Student Elizabeth Pha on Michael's visit “His presence made me feel like, ‘Oh, wow, the world is safe, and it is possible to dream, and there is hope after all,’ ”

Left Photo: December 4, 1995 in Beacon Theater, New York - Michael Jackson and the world's most famous mime Marcel Marceau appears on stage to promote the HBO concert special the two will be doing unfortunately, two days after the promotion Michael Jackson collapsed in the rehearsal and was advised to take a rest until the end of the year, The concert did not materialized. Right photo: April 19, 1997 in France- Michael and Marcel inaugurates a wax statue of Michael in Grevin Museum in Paris. Inside the Museum, in the theater, Marceau put on a show specially for Michael. When Marcel died in September 2007, Michael remembers Marcel in a rare interview with Jet Magazine: " I used to go see Marcel Marceau all the time before Off the Wall. I used to sneak in and sit in the audience and watch how he would defy the laws of gravity, like he was slipping on air. I would take some of those things and include it into rhythm and dance when I moved. "

1987 California: In this photo, Michael Jackson Natalia Barrett and her brother Roman. Natalia Barret and spending time with MJ "My father, Ben Barrett, was in the music business and recorded a great deal of Michael Jackson’s music—from the early days with the Jackson Five right up to the “Dirty Diana” album. My brother Roman and I spent a lot of time in the studios when our dad was recording; he would even take us with him on the nightshifts. So the two of us spent time with Michael playing video games and consuming “studio snacks” (sugar cubes, Hershey’s Kisses, Melba Toast, and Coffee-mate). Michael was always kind and engaging—never once inappropriate with us, just for the record."

Michael Jackson dressed as Mark Antony as a surprise gift to his best friend Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor plays Cleopatra in the movie with the same name in 1963.

Michael Jackson at funeral of singer Barry White (15 july 2003)

Meet and Greet/ Album Signing for the "Destiny" album 1979

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