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Povestea unor fotografii cu Michael 2

All I can tell you is a lil' somethin' somethin' on this ^ girl, if what I'm 'bout to tell has already been mentioned then please forgive me!
I have this British DVD made in '03 right when the whole MJ issue of 2nd Molest. came out & they made this Positive MJ's Life DVD thing called,"Michael Jackson:A Remarkable Life" . Well any way this girl was on it, her name is Smith Wordes, she 1st worked w/MJ on Captin EO, then Smooth Criminal, then she said that she co-Cheographied on Black/White & her daughter was there & MJ allow her daughter & her friends stay at Neverland (not sure if it was all or all nigt?) but they got to watch "The Little Mermaid" & play dress up as Smith put-MJ allowed her daughter & her friends live out all their fantasties as children & do whatever they wanted. When the kids got back home they had tummy aches for eattin' so much candy, MJ allowed them to eat as much candy as they wanted! Smith shared how so kind & talented & lovin' MJ was to her & the other dance too, she shared how MJ after they finished Smooth Criminal how he allowed them to see the Dallys (sorry for misspelling) & how most usually will never allow that, for some dancers to be able to that. & she noticed how he worked just as hard as they (the pro-dancers) did if not more! She even shared how that was her!!! (in Smooth Ciminal) The girl in ther red dress touchin' his face & later kickin' her leg up in that dance break scene.
I'm done, that's all I know.

2007- Michael Jackson at Yurakucho Japan: Michael Jackson was spotted shopping with his children at Bic Camera in Japan. Michael posed with the life size Superman Statue at the request of his children. Michael inquired as to whether the statue was for sale to bring it to Neverland and people from Bic were happy to oblige him. Unfortunately the Superman Statue was one of the many Michael memorabilia to be auctioned.

This photo was taken 02/18/84. MJ dine at The Golden Temple and wanted to take picture with then 8 month old Elijah. MJ being a regular in the said restaurant became acquainted with Elijah's parent who said that MJ confess to them what he wanted most in his life is to be a father.

Overwhelmed with the fans response despite the 1993 allegations. Michael Jackson seen crying when he removed his glasses during Jam Performance.

Upper left photo: 1988- Michael Jackson, Bubbles and Greg Hildebrandt at Helmsley Palace in NY) Artist Greg on these photos: " I was very fortunate to have had the oppurtunity to spend time with Michael in 1988, during his Bad Tour, and in 1989 at his ranch, Neverland Valley. In 1988, Michael invited me to spend ten days with him during his Tour. He was performing in NJ at the time. As I lived in NJ, I told him I would be happy to drive back and forth to the city but he insisted on getting me a suite at the Helmsley Palace. We spend many hours together and I went to every concert with him. It was truly a wonderful experience. What struck me from the first moment I met Michael was how intelligent he was. I of course knew his music and knew what an incredible performer he was, but I had no idea that he had deep passions for art and art history. He was especially passionate about American Illustrators. We spent many hours talking about Maxfield Parrish, N.C. Wyeth, Howard Pyle, Jesse Wilcox Smith and of course his favorite Norman Rockwell. Michael sent an armored truck to my studio and they picked up over 150 of my paintings. They were leaning all around the suite and we spent quite a bit of time discussing my art and classic literature. Michael was also an avid book collector and I was surprised to find out that he had every book I had illustrated. But my greatest surprise are when he asked me to give him drawing lessons. I quickly learned that he had a natural talent for art. We would set and sketch, chat and eat pop corn. It was casual and enjoyable." Last August 2009 Michael's drawing (lower right) was auctioned and sold at $21,000.00.

London 1997- Joe Yenish and Michael Jackson : Joe Yenish then 28 years old account supervisor for a marketing firm in Edison, New Jersey, Joe has traveled across the world to see Michael-- including a fateful trip to London in 1997: As a crowd of fans sprinted after Michael's limousine, Joe was pushed to the ground and run over by Michael's motorcade. But the pain was worth it -- Joe's resulting broken leg gained him a backstage pass and an introduction to Michael, who signed his cast. Since meeting Michael, Joe has become an even more devoted fan, and is currently the U.S. correspondent for the international fanzine "King," a contributor to the MJ News Fan Club, and the head of "MJ Day," an annual Michael Jackson conference.

2004 - Michael Jackson and Dr. Randy Goldfarb. Dr. Randy on this photo: "It was an unbelievable experience that was surreal. I spent a day with Michael that has always been special and memorable, but now is sacred. It was 2004 and Michael was in need of dental care. He introduced himself as if he was an ordinary guy that I had never heard of. Soft spoken, gentle, and kind, talked highly of his family and had the utmost appreciation for what I was doing for him. He signed autographs, took pictures with us, and even sang. A private concert that I get to replay in my mind selfishly. The effect he had on everyone in the room was intense, and even more meaningful now. It was a privilege to have met him and I only hope he knew the way he touched our lives forever. There will never be another person as gifted as Michael in both music and life."

cartonul din spatele lui Mike este un decupaj din acest album al Dianei:)

Ron Galella is the one who took those two first pictures.

Ron Galella: "There was always an annual [Oscar] party at Spago's. That was shot when they left the party. She had a beautiful white fur piece and Michael Jackson was with her. That was a great shot. In fact, that's in my book. Their outfits make the picture."
Ron Galella: "It was rare. [Michael and Madonna] didnt go out often together. In this one they are coming out of the Ivy restaurant. It was always difficult [with Jackson] because there were so many photographers and security holding us back behind ropes most of the time. You didn't always have the freedom that you wanted. He was a big star. Once, when he was at the Taj Mahal for Donald Trump's opening, there were so many people around him in the crowd that he ducked down low and moved low. Donald said, "Do you always do this?" Michael said, "In Tokyo, it's worse."

”We’re at the Ivy, and Madonna and Michael Jackson are there together. It was me and Greg Deguire, and an AP [Associated Press] guy,” recalls photographer Vinnie Zuffante. We wait for her to come out, and we hear she’s with Michael Jackson, we didn’t believe it. So we see them and they’re walking out and the maitre d’ says ''No wait, I don’t want them getting any pictures”
Both Madonna and Michael said, ‘It’s OK — no problem.’ He said, ‘No, not at my restaurant.’ He takes Michael Jackson’s hand, walks Michael Jackson to his limo. He goes back, gets Madonna, walks Madonna to the limo. He has the waiters come out, and the busboys, holding up tablecloths, and putting menus in our faces, so that we couldn’t get pictures. So I hit him in the head twice with the camera — the maitre d’. Madonna says, ‘ It’s OK, you don’t have to do this,’ and the maitre d’ is saying, ‘Not in front of my restaurant.’ He’s hitting me, I hit him in the head with the camera. Madonna starts laughing.
It was crazy.”

Berry Gordy's wedding to Grace Eaton on July 17, 1990.

Anthony Jackson:

Michael gave me this picture as a gift in 2002. He had the picture enlarged to a 4x4 ft picture. It's a picture he found of my father on the left and Michael on the right while on vacation in Hawaii. He said it was one of the happiest days of his childhood.
Marc Jackson

Nice picture, that was at a Navy Air Station park. That's your Aunt Elaine in the upper right of the picture. The rest of us were playing football or baseball in the park. The J5 were there in Hawaii on tour for the first time.

:))) la filmarile ptr Capitan E.O.

Some guy who wrote an essay called Star Wars Ruined My Life, had a chapter devote to Captain Eo. For that he did an interview with Terri Hardin

I interviewed a handful of people who actually worked on EO for this chapter, but only one managed to provide me with the strange, funny, and sometimes sad background stories I craved as a gossip-hungry member of John Q. Public. That person was Terri Hardin, a Hollywood costume builder/sculptor who not only created creatures for EO but also portrayed two of its characters – Idy and Ody – and did stunts for Anjelica Huston. I didn’t include much of what Terri said in the original chapter because it didn’t seem all that relevant, but now her stories/insights prove to be most interesting (because, you know, Michael Jackson just died). Here now, some selected quotes from Terri about the Captain EO experience.

“Coppola had us improv. There I was, acting with Angelica Huston and Michael Jackson. In one scene we did, Angelica was the boss of a camp, Michael was the camp counselor, and we were the spoiled children. Francis [went] to Angelica and whispered, ‘you are going to fire Michael.’ And to Michael, he whispered, ‘You must get these kids to behave.’ And to the rest of us, the children, we were told not to behave under any circumstances.
“Well, Michael kept asking us to behave, and we just kept being brats. Then Angelica storms in, grabs Michael by the shirt, and literally lifts him off his feet and says, ‘You insignificant little worm – YOU’RE FIRED!’ She then throws him across the room. We rehearsed in large studio and the floors were slick; Michael slid a long way on his butt, and shuttered in fear. Real fear. After that, he would not go near Angelica. He was very frighted of her.”

Yeah, we can all see that

Just for the record, Terri also mentioned that no less than Sophia Loren and Babs Streisand were calling MJ on a daily basis during EO’s production and leaving him breathy, lovey-dovey messages.
On Anjelica Huston’s star trip:
“When I first met Anjelica, she was an angry, demanding woman. She insisted she play the queen as well as the witch, and the girl who was to play the princess originally and be a love interest for Capt. EO was fired. You see, Angelica was up for an Academy Award, and the Disney folks really wanted her in the film.

On working with MJ:

He had the mind of a twelve year old then, and I used to talk to him as I would a young boy. He loved to have grape fights in the morning. He would have a crate of grapes sent to his trailer every day just for this purpose. “Michael also loved to play jokes on me, as I can be very gullible. His favorite was the rattlesnake egg joke. This is the one where you approach someone and tell them that you have just gotten some rattlesnake eggs sent to you and you hand your chosen victim the envelope. When they open it, there is a bobby pin with a rubber band and it makes a rattling sound and scares the crap out of your victim. I was always the victim. Michael would pull this prank again and again on me. As far as dancing or music, though, he was the master. Never had I seen such raw talent.
“[And he] could remember you name, no matter who you were. Once you had met him, he could call you by name from then on. Think of all the folks who have crossed his path. Amazing!”

Here there are a part of the pics took during some meeting with Michael. Impossible to describe the feelings, his present is magic and pure emotion!!!
In the first pic I'm in Prague on stage during YANA 1996, the second one is in Bucarest and next in Amsterdam 1996, again Monaco 1999 and London 2002 with some friends of mine Daniele (Bluefan) and Stefano. I can't stop to be grateful to Michael for all the magic moments he gave to me! I've translated just what happen in Prague, that you can read here Dancing my Dream in Prague
Valentina (DangerousBadGirl)

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